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Hudson Pre Mix Hose End Sprayer : Lawn & Garden

Size 26 oz
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Plant Life YES
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Hudson Pre Mix Hose-end sprayers are very popular and ideal for large spraying jobs such as lawn & garden applications.


  • Three settings — off, on or water only
  • Sprays 1 to 20 gallons (4 to 76 litres)


  • Do not spray during windy conditions or towards animals or people
  • Clean sprayer and bottle thoroughly after each use to prevent contamination between different chemicals
  • Rinse jar, refill with water, and spray clear water for 1 minute to clean
  • Before using, read and understand chemical manufacturer's instructions and warnings
  • Dry powder or thick liquid concentrates must dissolve completely to avoid clogging



3 teaspoons (tsp) = 1 tablespon (tbsp) = 1/2 fl. oz.       8 fl. oz. = 1/2 pint        16 fl. oz. = 1 pint

2 tablespoons (tbsp) = 1 fl. oz. = 6 teaspoons (tsp)      32 fl. oz. = 1 quart        1 quart = 2 pints

16 tablespoons (tbsp) = 1 cup = 8 fl. oz.                     128 fl. oz. = 1 gallon = 4 quarts = 8 pints

Pre-Mix Sprayer




Step 1: Place proper amount of EcoTreat in sprayer for desired number of gallons. Fill jar with proper amount of water for gallons to be sprayed and mix well


Step 2: Attach sprayer head to hose, thread jar with contents onto spray head and turn on water. For proper spraying and mixing, water on/off control valve must be turned fully open

Step 3: To spray mixture of EcoTreat/Water, push sprayer valve handle forward to the fully open position. To stop spraying, pull valve back to fully closed. When jar is empty, you have sprayed desired number of gallons

• With your lawn and garden dealers’ help, select the right sprayable product for the job at hand. Follow label instructions exactly.
• Spray only during calm weather to prevent wind drift.
• Always water thoroughly before and after spraying liquid fertilizers.
• Spray trees and shrubs totally, including: branches, trunks, and underside of leaves.
• Spray until plant begins to drip.
• Spray at first signs of conditions that you wish to control or correct.
• Spray early or late in the day. Do not spray when hot weather (over 85°F) is expected within 24 hours.
• Do not spray pesticides to plants under moisture stress. Water them the day before spraying.
• When applying insecticides, fungicides and liquid fertilizers, spray until plant is wet and just begins to drip. The drip drenches leaves and grass and goes right on working.
• The product manufacturer’s directions always will be the controlling factor.
• Do not spray when rain is expected within 24 hours.
• Turning the product knob to “OFF” turns your sprayer into a handy watering tool. This is also a convenient way to rinse product off of areas that you may not want treated.

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