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BioDefense® Kit : Insecticide + ULV Fogger

BioDefense® Kit : Insecticide + ULV Fogger
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High-performing, all-natural solution for indoor pest control. Covers up to 1,500 sqft. Easy to use fogging application repels & kills pests in all stages of life cycle on contact. Non-toxic, plant-based formula is safe for children & pets.
Included 1 gallon BioDefense | ULV Non-Thermal Fogger
Free Handheld sprayer attachment
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Kill Fleas Naturally - Bio-based Insecticides & Fogger

BioDefense® is a biopesticide solution that was specially created for fogger applications to penetrate all areas where pests can live. It has no toxic effect on the environment, humans or animals. Pest Control companies who tell you the products they use around your family are safe, are not telling you the truth. Ask them exactly what the active and inert ingredients are! Thankfully, there is Wondercide™ that is even safe for newborns and nursing mothers.



  • Contact Insecticides
  • Replaces Toxic Pesticides & Insecticides
  • Safe, Affordable & Effective
  • Kills Adult Insects, Dissolves Eggs & Larvae
  • Safe for Children & Pets in Living, Learning, & Playtime Environments
  • No Protective Clothing or Gloves Requires
  • No Strangers spraying Chemicals around your Family
  • Will Not Stain Furniture, Carpet or Clothing
  • FDA Human Food Grade Ingredients
  • EPA Listed Non-Toxic
  • Refreshing Cedar Aroma
  • Commands 100% Mortality to Fleas, Ticks, Mites, Bed Bugs

Independent Study: Fleas, Ticks, Bed Bugs

According to leading entomologists, fleas, ticks & bed bugs in North America have grown immune to chemical pesticide treatments promoted by local and national exterminators. In addition, a growing number of university and independent researchers publicly warn against use of Pyrethroid based products for consumer use. 
As one of the top performing Non Toxic Insecticides, BioDefense® is formulated for immediate insect control when used in a fogger for indoor treatments of Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Governmental, Equine & Dairy property. Not for use on plant life as it may cause phytotoxic burn.

BioDefense® Insecticide & Fogger Kills & Repels

  • Fleas
  • Ticks
  • Mites
  • Bed Bugs
  • Wasps
  • Yellow Jackets
  • Ants
  • Moths
  • Scorpion
  • Termites
  • Silverfish
  • Roaches
  • Lice
  • Dust Mites
  • & more


Cedarwood Oil, Hydrated Silica (NEW Lemongrass Fragrance: Original BioDefense + Essential Oil of Lemongrass)

Biodefense 1gal Cedar Label

Biodefense Information Sheet


How Does the Fogger Work?

BioDefense® organic insectides are made of Organic Cedar Oil and Hyrdated Silica which dissolves the insect eggs and larvae eliminating the next generation of insects. The fogger allows the product to penetrate into hard to reach areas and cover every inch of the structure you are treating. The aroma of cedar to insects is like ammonia to humans. All insects breathe through their bodies and close their breathing pores when they detect the aroma of cedar. It causes a flight response. Because the insects can't evacuate the area, they suffocate and die. BioDefense® is a Non Toxic, contact insecticide.



How Long Does it Last?

Fogging with BioDefense will eliminate insects immediately with a lengthy repellent residual. As long as the pets coming and going don't bring in new fleas you can fog once a year or more often as needed. For active insect populations, it is imperative to treat all indoor and outdoor areas for complete elimination. To achieve this, treat your lawn with EcoTreat™ every 4 weeks and keep your pet protected with Evolv™ on a weekly basis.
For indoor parasite (flea, tick, bed bug, mite) treatment, use BioDefense® in the Fogger. Vacuum before you fog. Do not vacuum or mop floors for 72 hours after, which will allow the solution to fully penetrate and dissolve any eggs, larvae, and pupae in the environment. Fogging with BioDefense™ allows the solution to reach all areas of the home in humidity size droplets. One fogging typically eliminates pests completely.  If an area didn't receive enough fog or if there is a severe infestation, additional treatments may be needed.

How Does BioDefense compare to Chemical Pesticides?

It doesn't. Chemical-based treatments utilize water or petroleum distillates as a carrier for their active ingredients, most often Permethrins, or other formulations using primitive, nerve gas byproducts, commonly referred to as Pyrethroids. Wondercide's BioDefense™ formulation combines its proprietary cedar oil blend of Texas Red Cedar (juniperus virginiana), and a carrier created from melted quartz. Combined, these two ingredients create a new molecule that has superior penetration abilities, and provides instant kill to fleas, ticks, mites and bed bugs. Compared to toxic chemical products, BioDefense™ provides instant death with a mortality rate that approaches 100% within seconds, by causing an immediate, systemic metabolic reaction that triggers a suffocation response in such parasites.

For Best Results

Home owners can easily use the fogger for less expensive, more effective pest control than a service company provides. The ultimate in flea, tick, mite & bed bug eradication is fogging with 1 gallon of BioDefense insecticide per 1,500 sqft. Depending on the severity of parasite infestation, additional treatment(s) may be required (mites). This product is safe for everyday use. If you have indoor - outdoor pets, consider using BioDefense® as an ongoing flea control preventative on pet beds, furniture & floors. Fogger, insecticides
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Customer Reviews

  •   ZERO fleas

    I'm a teacher and single mother of 2 boys. We adopted a dog from the local shelter and she was covered in fleas. This was a new and horrible experience to take on the first week of school. A close friend recommended I fog with your solution becuase she had a similar experience this summer and spent hundreds of dollars before she found this. I ordered it, received it quickly, and fumigated the house over the weekend! Its been a week now and there are ZERO fleas in my home. I am so thankful and will tell others for sure!

  •   Fast

    Well the cedar stuff really does work and much faster than the chemicals I've used.

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What's the difference between cedar and lemongrass?

For most Wondercide products, we offer various fragrance options. The most common Wondercide fragrances are lemongrass and cedar.

For Wondercide pest control products all products, no matter the fragrance, contain the same active ingredient—cedar oil. Cedar oil is what repels insects and makes our products effective.

No matter what fragrance you choose, your pest control product will contain 10% cedar oil. Since each product contains the same amount of cedar oil, all fragrances are equally effective at repelling and killing insects.

Why do we offer different fragrances?

We offer lemongrass and cedar fragrances merely to cater to different personal preferences. Oh, the freedom of choice!

Some people dislike the smell of cedar, and the lemongrass fragrance helps to lessen the cedar scent.

Most customers report that the lemongrass products smell “less strong” than the cedar options, and that the smell dissipates more quickly after spraying. However, not all customers can smell the difference.