Chew Time Bundle with Plush Toy & Antler

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This toy bundle makes for happy dogs! Our Wondercide plush toy has a satisfying squeak and lends itself well to a game of fetch. Our natural Elk antler is full of delicious marrow for many, many hours of chewing.

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Wondercide Plush Dog Toy by PrideBites
Lightweight and durable, this toy is made with flotable foam and perfect for play on land or in water. Securely sewn internal squaekers for added fun. PrideBites is an Austin-based company started by lifelong friends who are also passionate pet parents. 

Naturally-Shed Elk Antler
Antlers naturally shed from elk and regrow every year, so no animals are harmed or harassed in the process of collecting these amazing natural chew toys. These treats are high in calcium, phosphorous, and proteins which make them healthy treats for your dog while preventing tartar build-up. Elk Antlers actually have the largest marrow core in the antler world. It is the marrow center that keeps dogs occupied for hours a day. Elk antlers are an all-natural and annually renewable resource.

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