Detox - Liquid Bentonite Clay For GI Health

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Wondercide DETOX Ultra-Pure Bentonite Clay is a powerful detoxifying agent that promotes a healthy immune system in your pet.

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Tummy troubles? Pray for the clay. Detox Bentonite Clay has seriously strong absorptive properties, pulling out harmful particles from your pet’s bloodstream and soothing stomach distress, boosting immune support and much more. So the next time Fido fetches a week-old chicken wing from the sofa, you know you got an ace in the hole. Hallelujah!

RELIEVE TUMMY TROUBLES. Pulls harmful, positively charged particles from the bloodstream to ease gastric distress and quickly remedy diarrhea and vomiting.

CLEANSE THE SYSTEM. Works to cleanse your pet of anything harmful in their bodies, such as over-vaccination, heavy metals, bacteria and environmental toxins. The cleansing will take place internally and will not cause any outward tummy distress for your pet.

PROMOTES HEALTHY SKIN. Supports normal detoxification in dogs and cats, stimulating cellular revitalization and healing subsurface issues that can cause skin conditions like itchiness, hot spots and more.

NATURAL AND ORGANIC. No artificial colors, preservatives, yeast, wheat, gluten, soy or dairy. Made in the USA from human food-grade ingredients and safe for pets and people of all ages.

INGREDIENTS PER 1/2 TSP. Active: Calcium Bentonite Clay (32 fl oz. or 8.325 mg) | Inert: Purified Water

THE PURITY OF CLAY. The use of clay for wellness purposes, called pelotherapy, dates back centuries. Calcium bentonite clay has strong negative ionic absorptive properties; when taken internally, it pulls harmful, positively charged particles from the bloodstream to support wellness. As the body is detoxified and stimulated, your pet's immune system is supported. It’s a powerful detoxifying agent for the stimulation, transformation and transmission of energy that assists cellular revitalization.

APPLYING ORALLY. May be given daily in your pet's food or water. May be given orally with a dropper any time, or when vomiting, diarrhea or other illness occurs. Administer orally once a day or as needed. Frequency may be increased based on recommendation by a veterinarian.

APPLYING TOPICALLY. Apply to pet's skin with hands, cotton ball, or clean towel. Allow clay to fully dry. Leave on or rinse off once dry.

BODY WEIGHT.     <20 LBS           20-50 LBS          50-90 LBS        >90 LBS

AMOUNT.                 1/2 tsp                1 tsp                 1 tbsp               1-2 tbsp

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