Elk Antler - Natural Dog Treats

These naturally-shed elk antlers are high in calcium, phosphorous, and proteins which make them healthy treats for your dog, while preventing tartar build-up!

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Naturally-Shed. Antlers naturally shed from elk and re-grow every year, so no animals are harmed or harassed in the process of collecting these amazing natural chew toys.

All Natural. Contain no artificial color or added hormones, antibiotics, animal by-products, steroids or preservatives!

Durable. Unlike bones, fresh elk antlers are virtually impossible to chip or splinter when they are being chewed.

Sourced in the USA. Our elk antlers are sourced from Bend, OR. 

No Mess. Antlers are virtually odor & residue-free, and the antler's dried composition also prevents future bacteria growth
100% naturally shed elk antlers from Bend, Oregon.
Small: 3-5 oz and 6-7 inches
Medium: 5-7 oz and 7-9 inches
Large: 7-10 oz and 9-11 inches
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