Compression Sprayer - 2 Liter - Indoor and Outdoor

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The Wondercide handheld compression sprayer makes effectively treating your home for pests quick, easy, and thorough. 

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Strong, Quick-pressuring Pump. The Wondercide compression sprayer provides a continuous stream, requiring only occasional pumping to re-pressurize. 

Adjustable Spray Pattern. Turn the nozzle to adjust spray stream from fine to coarse. 

Ideal for Wondercide Natural Indoor Pest Control. This aromatherapeutic spray is a safe, effective, and natural alternative to chemical pesticides. 

Thorough Indoor Pest Treatment. The compression sprayer makes it easier to cover larger areas and the perimeter of your home. 
To Fill:  Unscrew sprayer head and fill container to “fill” line or other desired capacity below mark. Screw on head assembly firmly to ensure airtight seal. Liquid must be clean
and free of foreign matter. Be sure to leave enough space for compressed air. Fill to the desired level, not higher than the top (2.0 L) mark.
To Pressurize: Pump the filled tank with full strokes to build up pressure. The less liquid used, the more pumping is required.
To Spray: Depress trigger with thumb. Turn nozzle cap to right for fine spray; turn nozzle to left for coarse spray or stream.
To Restore Pressure: Periodically pump sprayer to maintain tank pressure and desired spray pattern.
To Release Pressure: Unscrew sprayer head slowly to allow air to escape. Or invert sprayer and depress trigger. Hold until all air escapes. Do not pressurize sprayer with electric or gas powered air compressors. Always follow proper depressurizing procedure!
While sprayer is pressurized: Do not try to make repairs. Do not leave sprayer unattended. Release pressure if you interrupt spraying. Do not expose a sprayer to excessive heat or leave it exposed to the sun for long periods of time. Avoid dropping or impacting the sprayer. When pressurizing sprayer, hold it off to the side. Do not stand with head or body directly over sprayer.
NOTE: Before using sprayer for the first time, fill it to test it using clear water. If any part of the sprayer shows signs of wear or damage, replace the part before using the sprayer. Do not use heated or self-heating solution in sprayer. Do not use gasoline or flammable liquids in sprayer. Do not fill sprayer above maximum spray line.


  • Do not leave sprayer pressurized while unattended, even if only for a few minutes
  • Be sure container is securely attached to pump
  • Always empty, clean, and drain container and pump immediately after each use
  • Do not use if parts are discolored, brittle, or excessively soft
  • Do not use caustics (alkaline) or corrosive (acids) in this sprayer
  • Store sprayer inside when not in use as prolonged exposure to sun may weaken container