Is Cedar Safe for Cats?

Question: I am very interested in your natural flea product for cats, however I have been researching this and found that cedar oil can be toxic to cats because their liver cannot detoxify it. Do you use a different type of cedar oil? How do you know it is safe for cats and kittens?

Answer: Our flea and tick control products are SAFE for cats and kittens.

Why? Because our cedar oil is different. Wondercide cedar oil is a modified Eastern Red Cedar oil that is properly diluted.  It is not known to be harmful to cats or kittens, since it does not contain phenols, or phenolic compounds, which occur naturally in many essential oils.

Cats have a different physical makeup than humans and many other animals. Even though we humans love the benefits of essential oils, these oils aren't great for cats. Cats don't have the liver enzyme needed to break down the phenols in certain essential oils. This means essential oils that are high in phenols could be harmful to cats.

Wondercide products do not contain phenols. We verify that every batch of cedar oil in our products doesn't contain phenols. We work hard to ensure superior product quality, performance, and safety.


We only source cedarwood oil from safe cedar species. Often, a quick Google search on "is cedar toxic to cats" brings back many claims and statements about cedar toxicity. However, most of this information is about cedar oil in general, not specific species of cedarwoods and their oil. There are many types of cedar trees, but not all are created equal.  Some cedar species are harmful to cats and dogs, and humans, too. For example, Western Red Cedar can be toxic to animals and humans, yet play spaces are made from Western Red Cedar because it's known to repel insects and prevent decay. Wondercide products use Texas Red Cedar and Eastern Red Cedar, which we further modify  through a steam distillation extraction and fractionation process. Again, Wondercide's cedarwood oil is not like other cedar oils—just like all soaps are not alike, or how all essential oils are not the same grade. There are over 180 components in cedar oil, so we work hard to make sure there are zero phenols in our cedar oil products. Wondercide is the safe choice for your family.

Wondercide products fall under the GRAS (generally recognized as safe) system and are EPA-exempt from pesticide registration because they are known to be safe. Your vet can't say that about prescription and OTC chemical treatments, can they? If your cat licks off a lot of Evolv, she may become calmer or seem "mellow". This is because the cedar oil fragrance is relaxing. Cedar oil has been used for centuries as an aromatherapy to relax humans, as well as dogs and cats. With cats (and dogs), we always recommend treating the environment first, then misting the cats and kittens with Flea & Tick for Pets + Home as needed.