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BioDefense : Bed Bug Treatment Kit

BioDefense : Bed Bug Treatment Kit
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Fast & effective, covers up to 1,500 sq. ft. Kills bed bugs & eggs on contact. Safe on all surfaces, flooring, & furniture. Non-toxic around pets & children.
Included 1 gallon BioDefense | 2.7 oz Biter Fighter | Handheld Sprayer Attachment
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Bed Bugs Treatment

BioDefense is a powerful, natural pesticide that works fast to kill bed bugs, eggs, and treat infestations. It has no toxic effect on humans, animals or the environment. BioDefense bed bug treatment is easy to apply and safe to use around children and pets.

Bed Bugs Treatment

  • 100% Superior Biochemical
  • Safe for Children and Pets
  • 100%  Kill to Bed Bugs and Eggs

Bed Bug Package Includes

  • 1 Gallon BioDefense
  • 1 Biter Fighter Personal Insect Repellent
  • 1 Handheld Sprayer Attachment


Kill Bed Bugs


Cedar Scent: Cedarwood Oil, Hydrated Silica

Lemongrass Scent: Cedarwood Oil, Essential Oil of Lemongrass, Hydrated Silica

Treatment for Bed Bugs

Using the included sprayer attachment, spray Wondercide BioDefense on the horizontal and vertical surface of the stripped mattress, box spring and headboard of the beds. Using the same procedure, spray the furniture in the room. Roll back any seams or material tucks of the mattress or box spring and liberally treat those areas with bed bug spray. Remove the cushions from any furniture and treat the bottom sides and the cushions well. Chairs with cloth cushions should be treated on the bottom side as well as the top. Treat furniture, closets, and baseboards to kill hiding bed bugs and eggs.

Treat any and all dresser or vanity areas with a light spray. Remember, bed bugs are nocturnal and are difficult to find in the light. It is extremely important to treat the box spring cavity located on the bottom of the bed. Remove the fine mesh cob web netting to gain access to the spring area. Treat this area liberally as it is often the main hiding place for bed bugs.

How Does Bed Bug Killer Work?

Wondercide's proprietary formulation with natural Cedar Oil and Hydrated Silica kills the bed bugs within seconds and dissolves the eggs within hours. All instar stages are eliminated upon contact with BioDefense bed bug killer. All insects, including bed bugs, breathe through pores on their bodies and close them immediately when you apply BioDefense bed bug killer. Spraying into wall voids, cracks and crevices will allow the superior penetration qualities of this product to reach the areas where bed bugs live during the day and commonly lay eggs.

How Does Wondercide Compare to Chemical Pesticides?

It doesn't. Scientists now believe that Insects have evolved over the years with the use of chemical pesticides. Not only are these products thought to be unsafe, they are no longer as effective. In independent tests, 89% of the registered pyrethroid products on the market were no longer effective against the resistant bed bugs! There is no need to use chemical pesticides to kill bed bugs. There are other safe and affordable bed bug treatment options.

For Best Results

Treat your mattress, box springs, night stands, and entire bedroom thoroughly. Treat all indoor areas. BioDefense will kill all bed bugs and eggs when complete coverage is achieved. If Bed Bugs reoccur, retreat the area immediately.
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Customer Reviews

  •   Great product

    Affordable and really works! Saved me tons on money! The cedar scent is a little strong but goes away.

  •   Natural and safe

    Chemicals, heat, freezing, having to evacuate the house for hours.... I knew there had to be another option! I sprayed the mattress using a compression sprayer, paying close attention to the seams and even the box spring! I also made sure to get around the bed frame, headboard, nightstand and carpet around the bed! Best of all I don't have to worry about toxic chemicals! :)

  •   Awesome

    I've tried so many products and waisted so much money! This product works and is easy to use. Customer service is great, they told me how to best treat the bed. Awesome product and company.

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What's the difference between cedar and lemongrass?

For most Wondercide products, we offer various fragrance options. The most common Wondercide fragrances are lemongrass and cedar.

For Wondercide pest control products all products, no matter the fragrance, contain the same active ingredient—cedar oil. Cedar oil is what repels insects and makes our products effective.

No matter what fragrance you choose, your pest control product will contain 10% cedar oil. Since each product contains the same amount of cedar oil, all fragrances are equally effective at repelling and killing insects.

Why do we offer different fragrances?

We offer lemongrass and cedar fragrances merely to cater to different personal preferences. Oh, the freedom of choice!

Some people dislike the smell of cedar, and the lemongrass fragrance helps to lessen the cedar scent.

Most customers report that the lemongrass products smell “less strong” than the cedar options, and that the smell dissipates more quickly after spraying. However, not all customers can smell the difference.