Natural & Organic Soap Bar with Neem Bark | EXFOLIATE

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RENOVATE neem soap bar is the ultimate neem experience, combining ingredients from the whole neem tree. Contains organic cold-pressed neem oil, organic neem leaf extract, freshly ground neem bark, patchouli oil and fresh organic Aloe vera.

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The best thing you’ll ever put on your skin, naturally. Our Renovate Soap Bar is infused with all things neem, which is antibacterial, antifungal and works to protect and clean even the dirtiest skin. Smell good. Look better. This is the new, natural you. 

SCRUB AWAY DIRT AND DISEASE. Freshly ground neem bark is an effective exfoliant, getting you extra clean and healing common skin conditions.

IDEAL FOR BATHROOMS AND KITCHENS. Provides antibacterial protection, perfect for bathrooms, kitchens and any everywhere there’s extra dirty hands.

PROMOTE HEALING AND HEALTH. Aloe vera works to nourish damaged skin and return it to its former glory.

SAFE FOR THE WHOLE PACK. Made in the USA from human food-grade ingredients and gentle enough to use on small children and even pets.

INGREDIENTS. Coconut oil, palm oil, shea butter, castor oil, neem oil, neem leaf extract, neem bark powder, Aloe vera, vitamin E, patchouli oil.

THE WONDER OF NEEM. This is the ultimate neem experience, combining the bark, leaves and oil, making it ideal for getting hands super clean. Neem works to soothe and heal skin conditions and leave your skin feeling invigorated and revitalized.

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