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Yard + Garden is a natural outdoor flea & tick control concentrate that kills and repels fleas, ticks & hundreds of other pests, while being safe for beneficial insects.

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When it comes to flea and tick prevention, your yard is truly the final frontier. Don’t stop at treating your pet and your home — take the next step and eliminate your entire pest problem with this powerful, Do-it-Yourself Concentrate that will kill and repel bad bugs without harming beneficial insects.. Easily treat your entire yard and then some, and fight back the winged enemies at your doorstep. Live long and pest-free!

TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR YARD. Kills and repels fleas, ticks, mosquitoes and hundreds of other pests from your yard while being safe for sight-driven beneficial insects like butterflies and bees. 

SPRAY AND PLAY™. Safe for pets and people of all ages, with no wait time for drying or reentry into sprayed areas. 

TREATS UP TO 8,000 SQUARE FEET.  Can be safely used on yards, gardens, patios, parks, flowers, siding, brick, paint and more. A 16 oz. bottle at 8 oz. dilution will treat up to 8,000 square feet depending on water pressure and application speed. Will cover up to 10,500 square feet when used for prevention at 6 oz. dilution.

JUST ADD WATER. To get this product ready to spray, just mix desired amount of Concentrate into an any applicator and fill to the top with water. For recommended dilution levels, please see the HOW TO USE IT section for more details.

100% NATURALLY DERIVED. No artificial colors, fragrances or synthetic pesticides. Made in the USA from powerful, sustainable ingredients.

INGREDIENTS. 90% Cedar Oil, 10% Ethyl Lactate

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THE POWER OF CEDAR OIL. Cedar oil, the main ingredient in this product, suffocates bugs, repels them, and eliminates their eggs and larvae.

DIFFERENCE BETWEEN RTU AND CONCENTRATE. The Ready-to-Use spray is quick and easy, hooking up directly to a garden hose and is automatically diluted as the water comes out. The Do-it-Yourself Concentrate is more cost-effective and is perfect for those who like to get more hands-on with tasks. It must be properly diluted and requires a separate applicator.

FOR TREATMENT OF ACTIVE PROBLEMS. Apply this powerful spray twice within 7-10 days to your outdoor areas (like the lawn and patio) to ensure you’re eliminating whatever pests are present. Start at your home and spray top to bottom. Continue onto the lawn, working your way back to the fence line. Walk at a steady pace and use a sweeping motion, slightly overlapping treated areas. Complete coverage is important, especially in shaded areas. Once control is established, the less frequently you’ll need to apply. To ensure you’re fully treating your pest problem, we recommend using in conjunction with the Flea & Tick Control for Pets + Home spray. Pro Tip: For ants, soak mounds and repeat as needed to establish control below ground.


  • 16 oz. Concentrate treats up to 8,000 square feet (or up to 0.18 acres)

  • 32 oz. Concentrate treats up to 16,000 square feet (or up to 0.37 acres)

  • 1 Gallon Concentrate treats up to 64,000 square feet (or up to 1.5 acres)

FOR PREVENTION AND MAINTENANCE. For ongoing control, apply every 30-45 days, or as needed. Higher concentrations and year-round use may enhance results.


  • 16 oz. Concentrate treats up to 10,500 square feet. (or up to 0.25 acres)

  • 32 oz. Concentrate treats up to 21,000 square feet. (or up to 0.5 acres)

  • 1 Gallon Concentrate treats 84,000 square feet. (or up to 2 acres)

PRE-MIX HOSE END SPRAYER. Pour 8 oz. (6 oz. for prevention) of concentrate and fill to the top with warm water.

DIAL SPRAYER. Add enough concentrate for your coverage area and set to 1 tablespoon.

FOGGER. For outdoor applications, mix 8 oz. (6 oz. for prevention) per gallon of water for mosquito and flying insect control.

MISTING SYSTEM. Mix 16-25 oz. in 50 gallons of water. Adding water is the preferred way to initially mix this soluble solution. Increase frequency and duration to improve performance levels.

IRRIGATION SYSTEM. Injection rates of 1,500-2,500 to 1 provide satisfactory delivery during 1-2 minute watering cycles. Adjust injector controls to increase or decrease usage. Increase delivery time for enhanced performance.

LAUNDRY. Mix 2 oz. per wash load, along with laundry soap for a repellency effect on pet bedding or other laundry items.

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