Pre-Mix Hose End Sprayer - Outdoor Pest Control Applicator

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Pre-Mix Hose end sprayers are perfect for use with our Outdoor Pest Control Concentrate and are ideal for large spraying jobs such as lawn & garden applications. 
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Three Settings. Set your sprayer to off, on, or water only. 

Easy to Use. Connects to any standard hose. 

Covers Large Areas. Great for covering a large area like your yard and lawn. Sprays 1-20 gallons. 
Step 1: Place proper amount of concentrate in sprayer for desired number of gallons. Fill sprayer with proper amount of water for gallons to be sprayed and mix well.
Step 2: Attach sprayer head to hose, thread jar with contents onto spray head and turn on water. For proper spraying and mixing, water on/off control valve must be turned fully open.
Step 3: To spray mixture, push sprayer valve handle forward to the fully open position. To stop spraying, pull valve back to fully closed. When jar is empty, you have sprayed desired number of gallons.