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3 Dog Health Issues to Solve Holistically


If you're a new dog parent or just haven't spent a lot of time researching holistic treatments for your pets, there are a few issues that are often treated as acceptable but are actually totally avoidable with a holistic lifestyle. Just because your vet – or dare we say it, the internet – tells you that some dog health issues are fairly common doesn't mean that you have to live with it!



Whether your dog reacts poorly to conventional flea & tick preventatives or suffers from side effects from frequent vaccinations, switching to a more holistic approach to pet care can help make Fido's life a lot easier. If you've had a dog get lethargic (or worse) from monthly spot drops & pills and just waited out the symptoms, you might consider trying a natural flea & tick control instead. While conventional flea & tick preventatives affect the neuro system in all animals that use them, some animals are especially sensitive and react immediately to the introduction of them into their bloodstream.As far as vaccinations go, there's research suggesting that many conventional vets go overboard on giving our dogs shots, and also that canine immunity really lasts a whole lot longer than previously suggested. If your pup is getting vaccines for conditions to which he's unlikely to be exposed or getting boosters yearly into adulthood, it may be time to talk to a holistic vet and make an informed decision about what's right for your dog specifically.


Did you know some dogs go for years with runny poo ?and as a result, require frequent trips to the vet for anal gland expressions? It's gross, but it's also true! While the vet may be happy to take your money for going where most pet parents don't dare venture, a dog with chronic digestive problems is practically beggin' for an upgrade in his diet. If too much filler is going into your doggie's system, then too much is coming out as well. Get your pup on a high-protein, grain-free diet that has little-to-no filler ingredients (or even look into raw feeding!), and you'll be doing one of the best things possible to give your favorite pet a healthier lifestyle. It's a SOLID decision for your furry friend if you catch our drift.


Got an itchy dog? We're not surprised! Around 15% of dogs suffer from some sort of chronic skin problem, and most of them are allergy-related (once fleas are eliminated as a suspect!). Allergy testing can be very expensive, and lots of conventional vets will suggest allergy meds like Benadry l (offers relief for only 10-15% of dogs) or even offer steroid shots to relieve the symptoms instead of treating the source. Meds can make your pup drowsy and are not ideal for long-term use. If it seems like your dog is always scratching, and they are totally flea-free, you might want to first check out some natural skin care solutions before resorting to medication. A combination of Skin Tonic Spray, which is antibacterial and anti fungal and helps to address the real issues surrounding itchy skin, and one of our pure soap pet shampoo bars could just do the trick. You and your pup will be happy to get his skin back in top condition, naturally!

Has your pup ever suffered any of these chronic and common dog health issues that you thought you'd have to live with forever? How did you solve it? Let us know in the comments!

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