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5 Reasons to Adopt Don't Shop


ADOPTIt may be true that you can't buy love, but you sure can adopt it! A recent study shows Americans are now more inclined to adopt their pet, as opposed to purchasing from a breeder or pet store. According to the study released by Pet Smart Charities, 66% of pet parents now choose adoption, as the edict "Adopt Don't Shop" has gotten more traction. Here at Wondercide, we're big fans of adoption and giving deserving pets their fur-ever home! Here are five reasons to choose adoption:

1.) You'll save a life – or two! More than 2.7 million adoptable dogs and cats are euthanized in the US every year. This number would be dramatically reduced with an increase in adoptions. Every time an animal gets adopted, that frees up kennel space for another homeless animal to find their fur-ever home!

2.) You'll save money Adoption fees are generally well below the price that breeders charge to buy a pet. Plus, most shelters and rescue groups provide microchipping and spaying/neutering before adoption, so you won't have to pay for those services out of pocket.

3.) Lots of adoptable pets are already trained When you adopt a pet, it's common that they have already lived in a home at some point and may know basic commands before they even meet you! Not only does this save you money on a trainer, think of how cool you'll be when your friends come over and see Spot put on a show. 

4.) The choices are endless Want a big pet, small pet, tall pet, short pet? Long hair, short hair, no hair, curly hair? Young, senior, hyper, calm? You're certain to find a pet perfect for your personality and situation!

5.) The love is unconditional The utter adoration your pet will have for you will never cease to amaze you. There's this special bond when you've rescued your pet and offered a true fur-ever home. And who doesn't love to come home to someone every day who's just over the moon to see you? So go ahead..."Adopt Don't Shop!"

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