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5 Ways to Love on Planet Earth

5 Ways to Love on Planet Earth

Happy Earth Day, Wonder Pack! 

Here at Wondercide, helping the planet is high up on our list when it comes to making products that are good for the environment. So what better day to share some of our favorite ways to give our planet some love than EARTH DAY?!

I rallied up the troops and put together our top 5 favorite ways we’re currently helping the planet.

What are some things YOU do to help the planet that is a part of your routine? Comment below and share with us!

You Can Help the Earth in These 5 Ways


1. Drink nature’s best hydrator, water, out of a multiple-use bottle – instead of using single-use plastic bottles. I love HydroFlask.They last forever and are great quality. And there are tons of other options you can find in stores or online.


    2. You know that water you’re drinking from your new reusable water bottle? Drink it with stainless steel or any kind of reusable straw! I have these that I found on Amazon.

    3. When you go shopping anywhere, take reusable bags with you. This helps reduce the amount of single-use bags used in the world. This reduces the amount of plastic that ends up in the ocean and hurts wildlife!
    "Did you know that 89 percent of the plastic in the ocean is single-use plastic items such as plastic bags, straws, and disposable utensils.?" (This data was collected through more than 5,000 dives that collected 3,000 pieces of man-made debris.

    4. Recycle everything possible! Here in Austin, we can recycle tons of different items and the ones I find myself using the most of are plastic fruit containers from the grocery store, glass bottles (Topo Chico sparkling water or IPA beers anyone?), my plethora of cardboard Amazon boxes, and various food containers like pasta jars, boxes of crackers, etc. It’s SO EASY to throw those things into a little indoor bin we have and then once a week transition them out into our larger recycle can (that gets picked up once a week). And of course, my Wondercide bottles! Any time I get through a Flea & Tick Spray, Indoor Pest Control, or Insect Repellent bottle, I make sure they go straight into the recycle bin. (And insider news: All 3 are on sale today 20% off for Earth Day! Have a ball!).

    5. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE driving through Starbucks occasionally for a triple shot vanilla latte. Who doesn’t?! But I also feel proud to say I drink my coffee out of reusable coffee mugs 99% of the time at home. This reduces the gas used to drive to a coffee shop and reduces the waste from the cups at a coffee shop, etc. YAY. This is one of my favorite coffee cups I use at home. Gotta love those llamas. 


    What are YOUR favorite ways to help planet Earth? Comment below! And don’t forget to celebrate the special day with 20% off select Wondercide products

    Enjoy Earth today and every day. She’s been good to us – with the air we breath and the nature we see. So let's give back by adding these simple ways to help in our routine. 


    Em’s Bio:

    A little about me: I love being outside, jogging, and weight lifting. Traveling to new places. Mountains. My favorite food is Tex-Mex and I’m a self-proclaimed craft beer connoisseur.

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