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6 ways to celebrate National Family Day

6 ways to celebrate National Family Day

A day for family is a day for fun – and memories.

September 26, 2022 is National Family Day! 

Life is so busy sometimes that we may need to make an intentional plan to spend bonding time with our family. And that’s part of why we ended up with National Family Day on the fourth Monday of September every year. It’s a day dedicated just to spending time with family because they’re special to us. There’s no need to exchange gifts, only spend time together. It’s a perfect opportunity for building traditions.

In honor of National Family Day, here are 6 ways to celebrate!

  1. Scrapbook your favorite photos.

Could this be a new yearly tradition where every September, you gather your favorite photographed moments from the year, print photos, and make an album? We say yes! Perhaps you let everyone make their own scrapbook page in their own crafty style and add it to a scrapbooking album. You’ll have a collection of memories that grow year by year.


It’s a digital world, but printing photos leaves a lasting, tangible legacy. Enjoy the process of gathering images and book-making!

  1. Your family tree and ancestry discoveries.

Families come in all shapes and sizes, but the common bond is our shared ancestry. This is a perfect time to learn more about your family history. Learning about your ancestry is like reading the prequel to explain how your story was set up to unfold. You can make a family tree, and record notes about major life events.

  1. Interview family members.

This is a special way to let wisdom and stories pass between generations. Interview your family members and document their answers on video, audio files, or in a book. Add to it every year, and you’ll have a treasure full of memories and advice from generations to pass down in your family. 

You can ask things like:

  • What do you think the secret is to being happy?
  • What is your favorite childhood memory?
  • What impact do you hope to have on the world?
  • What is your favorite memory from this past year? (Add a new answer each year!)
  • What excites you most about the future?


    1. Make a family recipe book.

    A family recipe book is a treasure that’s irreplaceable. It’s up to you about the format you choose. Whether you keep electronic copies or hand write everything, take the time to record the recipes you’ve learned. Have everyone submit their favorite recipes that have been passed down. You can even compile a list of recipes you want to try. Then put it together to make a DIY family cookbook.

    1. Have a backyard bonfire.

    There is no better time to use that fire pit in your backyard than a family get-together. Bring out a cooler full of drinks, cook some plant-based hotdogs on a stick, and make some s’mores. It’s a perfect opportunity to take turns telling your favorite stories. Don’t have a fire pit and want to pick up a new one? Whether your style is traditional, modern, classic, or smokeless, there are endless options within every price range. Or build your own to customize your space.


    We love the simplicity of Austin-based Blu Dot’s fire pits. Bring on the bonding!

    1. Host a family cook-off.

    One of the things that makes fall so fun is the food. Have everyone bake their favorite fall recipe with enough servings for everyone. After the tastiest potluck ever, write down your favorite recipe (other than your own) and submit your vote for the winner. The winner has bragging rights until next year when competition heats the kitchen again.

    Need some inspiration for what to make? Here are some favorites among the Wondercide team:

    1. Pies, pies, pies - pumpkin, apple, sweet potato, or pecan
    2. A slow cooker meal
    3. Hearty soups 
    4. Pumpkin bread
    5. Sweet potato casserole

    Shane & Simple’s pumpkin pie. Delicious, and a sure-thing for a family cook-off.


    Whether it’s your first time celebrating, or you’re a National Family Day pro, we hope this list gives you ideas for fun bonding activities. The activity isn’t important, but the memories are. There’s no better time than now to show your family how much they mean to you. Have a happy Family Day!

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