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7 Little Ways You Show You Love Your Pet

file.png You know you love your pet like family, but what are some of the ways you show them? Love is in the little things, like keeping their favorite treats handy, snuggling with them, or whispering sweet nothings into their ears (pets like that...right?!) We asked some members of the Wonderteam what each of them does to express their cheesy, breezy, beautiful feelings to their four-legged friends. And here's what they had to say!

What's one thing you do to show you love your pet?

  1. Alexa: I hand-make dog food for my four hungry Wonderpups
homemade dog food
  1. Courtnie: I pick up my Corgi Bentley because he can't jump onto the bed himself
  1. Kendra: I got my pug Pickle a seatbelt for the car
pickle dog seatbelt
  1. MB: I let my Shih Tzu Mac follow me everywhere (even the bathroom!)
  1. Connie: I get my dog Tootsie new toys every time she destroys them
tennis balls
  1. Whitney: I let my bulldog Guinness sleep in the bed every night
  1. Abby: I give my Maltipoo Kiley a slew of superb supplements!

Tell us more!

Alexa: Honestly, I spend around two to three hours every weekend preparing about 30 pounds of fresh food for my four hungry Wonderpups! I like to feed them things that would be good enough for me to eat (if I had different tastes!). I'm going to show you a photo of one of my dogs' dinners, and it's okay if you think I'm a little crazy :)

Courtnie: As you can see, Bentley has little Corgi legs, so I'll put him up on the bed when he wants to or I'll carry him up the stairs.

Kendra: Well, I feed my pug Pickle the best food that I can, and I recently got him a doggie seatbelt because I really want him to be healthy and safe.

MB: I don't want Mac to be alone, so I let him follow me anywhere. I try to take him around with me wherever and whenever I can.

Connie: I buy Tootsie new toys on the holidays, like Christmas, Valentine's Day, and Easter. She loves the squeaky toys and real tennis balls for people. As soon as she rips a toy, though, it's dead to her, so I have to get her new ones a lot!

Whitney: When my bulldog Guinness was a puppy, we tried for three nights to train him to sleep on his own bed. Of course we gave in when he cried, and the rest is history! We even got him special stairs to help him get up here.

Abby: My Maltipoo has knee problems and a bit of a sensitive tummy. So, she takes about a bajillion supplements to keep her at her best, including fish oil, Fidoplex, milk thistle, slippery elm, probiotics, colostrum, and neem bark powder (did I miss anything?!)

Okay, so how do you know your pet knows you love him?!

Alexa: By their happy wagging tails every time I put their food bowls down (which they lick clean!)

Courtnie: When I put him up on the bed, he gets cozy & comfy and falls right to sleep

Kendra: When I walk up to Pickle, his ears go back and his little tail wags, and he looks just like we (humans) look when we love somebody

MB: It's hard to explain, but I can just tell when we're together that it's what he likes best.

Connie: She does a little yoga stretch with her front paws, resting them on my legs so I won't get up.

Whitney: I can't sit down at home without him getting in my lap!

Abby: When you know they know, you just know. You know?


Do you do something special for your pet to show how much you love them? We'd love to hear about it in the comments!

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