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Best Bets for Pets: Wondercide on Pet Life Radio


Wondercide's Founder & CEO, Stephanie Boone, recently chatted with host Michelle FernonPet Life Radio's"Best Bets for Pets" podcast about our full line of holistic solutions for natural pet care.

Hear Stephanie tell her dog Luna's story, explain why natural is the way to go, and share a touching story about a woman with extreme chemical sensitivities finding her way with her rescue dog – naturally.

That was a goosebump story. It's gave her the chance to be a pet parent! – Michelle Fern

Pet Life Radio

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No time to listen to the full podcast? No problem! Here's the scoop on what all the bark was about:

Welcome Back

Michelle welcomes Stephanie back to the podcast for her second feature and asks her to talk a bit about what the company does. Stephanie explains that Wondercide creates holistic solutions for natural pet care, with everything from flea and tick control for pets, homes, and yards to ear care, skin care, and supplements. When they first chatted on Best Bets for Pets years ago, Wondercide had just the flagship product – Flea & Tick Control for Pets + Home – and has since expanded to include a full line of natural products.

Luna's Legacy

Stephanie talks about the Original Wonderpup, Luna, her dog who was the reason she founded the company. Luna became ill from vet-prescribed spot drops, and Stephanie created Wondercide so other pet parents could protect the ones they love without harsh chemicals. For Stephanie, Luna's legacy was the inspiration for the entire Wondercide adventure.

Why Natural?

Next, they discuss the difference between conventional and natural flea and tick control. While pet parents are looking for convenience when it comes to spot drops, pills, and other chemical flea and tick control options, Wondercide offers a solution that is both safe and effective – and it's also convenient to use. It's so versatile because there's one simple product for dogs, cats, and indoors, which also makes it very cost-effective. And, it's just an added bonus that is smells amazing!

The "Goosebumps" Story

Some people have extreme sensitivities to chemicals, and Michelle asks Stephanie about how Wondercide can help these families with safe flea and tick control. Stephanie shares a gripping story about a woman who had very severe allergies and had recently adopted a dog who had fleas. She needed to get the situation under control, but she was terrified because she is deadly allergic to most of the available options. Wondercide's PAWSitive Experience Team offered to send her out some samples to try. She was so scared when she opened the samples that she had her epi pen in hand and was ready to call 9-1-1. But she called back, moved to tears because she had no reaction to Wondercide and could safely treat her dog and her home.That's when Michelle reveals that she's got goosebumps from the story because Wondercide was not only able to preserve the customer's health, but it also allowed her the opportunity to be a pet parent and rescue a dog. Stephanie tells her thatthese sorts of stories are what motivates the Wondercide team.

A Full Line of Natural Products

Lastly, Stephanie talks a bit about the other products in the Wondercide line, such as the Skin Tonic Spray that she innovated right after the natural flea and tick control line. It contains soothing oils like neem and works as a first aid spray for everything from dry skin, to hot spots, to burns. Another great product is the pet shampoo bar. People told Stephanie she was crazy to suggest using a shampoo bar on pets instead of the standard liquid, but it's actually much easier to use and has an amazing lather. Everyone who uses it loves it.

You can purchase the wonderful line of products online at or at a variety of independent retail locations across the US.

Thanks so much to Michelle and Pet Life Radio for hosting Stephanie on your podcast! And thanks to YOU for tuning in to learn more about Wondercide's holistic solutions for natural pet care!

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