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Customer Spotlight! Natural Pet Care at Chuckling Hound Ranch & I Once Was Lost Animal Advocacy


On Friday, Wondercide visited with Adette Quintana, owner of Chuckling Hound Ranch Luxury Pet Resort and I Once Was Lost Animal Advocacy in Cedar Creek, Texas.Chuckling Hound is a luxury dog boarding facility and I Once Was Lost is Adette's non-profit organization dedicated to helping homeless pets and advocating for proper pet nutrition and care.

Adette believes in natural pet careand is a passionate Wondercide customer who uses our natural flea & tick control solutions for her own pets, as well as for her customers' and rescues. We heard about her background with animals and her commitment to spreading the word about the right way to care for our pets. Let's seewhat she had to say.

Wondercide: How did you get started working with dogs?

Adette: Oh boy. I was working at the zoo in New Mexico when I graduated fromcollege, and I was trying to decide what to do. My passion was obviouslyanimals. A friend of mine told me about pet sitting, so I moved to Austinand started a pet sitting business. I’m originally from here. But Icouldn’t take all the travel. I was driving 100 miles per day minimum goingfrom house to house to house. it was crazy. I was working 15 hour daysnon-holidays. It was really insane. So, I had the opportunity to come out toCedar Creek and open Chuckling Hound and I Once Was Lost Animal Advocacy, and I just jumped on it. This is mydream. It’s perfect!

Chuckling Hound Flowers Wondercide:So, when did you first get into natural pet care and anatural lifestyle? How has it improved your quality of life?

Adette:My first dog I had as an adult had really bad yeast issues. I started researching dog food and learned about pet nutrition. I bought a book about it and the day I went to start it, I ended up reading it all in one sitting! I was so blown away by what the pet food industry really is — a self-regulated nightmare. When I saw all the crap they put into dog food, I started looking into what else we might doing wrong. I looked into over-vaccinating. Then I found out that when you put chemicalflea &tick preventative on your dog, it kills the pests by poisoningyour dog’s blood. And so it was just a progression from there. I’ve gonesuper natural and even make my own deodorant now!

Chuckling HoundWondercide:You mentioned you were featured on the TV show Infested for scorpions.Could you tell me the story? How did natural pest control save the day?

Adette:When we first moved here, before the house was even — before we had evenmoved any furniture in — there was a snake in there. It was back before I knew about Wondercide. And it led us to a natural pest control company in Round Rock.We went through a lot — then ended up finding the scorpions —and the natural pest control company wasn’t getting us anywhere. So, then Ijust said, ”Okay, let’s just risk cancer! We’re calling in chemical pestcontrol services! I don’t care what they do. I can’t live with the scorpions.”

They came out so many times it was crazy, and it didn’t even slow thescorpions down — it did nothing. Then they came out one last time in thesespace suits and went up to the attic to spray all this nasty white stuff,but still it didn’t touch the scorpions. It did nothing to them!

So, the natural pest control company came back, and that’s what ended upworking. That’s what led me to realize that natural is the way to go, notonly for the benefit of our health and out pets’ health, but because that’swhat works, you know? Natural is what’s worked for thousands of years. Whyare we even trying these chemicals?

Eventually, all my research led me to Wondercide, and I started using thaton my dogs and cats for flea & tick control. Being out in the country is areal testament to how well it works. I lived in Pflugerville for years, andI was rescuing and had no fleas & ticks. But being out here — oh my gosh!There are just so many ticks and fleas — it’s really just crazy. So I knewI had to start putting something on them.

Wondercide:How do you use Wondericde at Chuckling Hound and I Once Was Lost on a daily basis? Chuckling Hound Dog

Adette:In addition to spraying inside and outside on the property, I use it on thedogs, and how I use it depends on how many dogs come in and out per daybecause that’s going to determine how many walks we go on.

When they come in — especially during the summer months — I spray them whenthey arrive; I spray their rooms, and then I spray the dogs again wheneverwe go on walks. We have it in our contracts specifically that we will usenatural flea &tick preventative on our clients’ pets to keep them safe and pest-free.

Wondercide:I think a lot of grooming and boarding facilities have clauses in theircontracts that say they’ll use chemical-based treatments on your pet ifthey find any pests, so I never want to sign it! It’s great to see placesthat will use natural pet care solutionsinstead.

Adette:I think as more pet professionals learn about natural flea & tick products,not over-vaccinating, and proper nutrition, those will be the people whoare going to have to spread it to the owners. Owners are open to that —especially in Austin, Texas. People love natural! We’re all a bunch ofhippies,       aren’t we, Yellow Dog?Yellow Dog

Yellow Dog: An I Once Was Lost Animal     Advocacy rescue pup who   uses  natural treatment for mange   and is doing great! Wondercide:Do you have any   great rescue stories that have   involved caring for dogswith natural products?Adette:Well, Yellow dog is a good example. He was covered in mange, he had ticks,and he was almost totally bald. With the use of Wondercide and othernatural products — I mean look at him today. He’s fantastic!

Wondercide:Do you have advice for people who want to transition into a more natural lifestyle for their pets (and themselves)?

Adette:That’s kind of a loaded question! I think the big thing is…trust it! Trustnatural products. They’ve been around for thousands of years, and there’s areason they have been. It’s because they work. So, don’t be fearful andthink, “Oh I need to keep using that chemical flea & tick treatment and usethe natural stuff too.” No! Just trust it — and do it! And that goes fornutrition as well. Get off the horrible stuff. Don’t be scared totransition into a healthy, natural lifestyle.

Wondercide:What natural things do you do for yourself that are not related to natural pet care?

Adette:Well, like I said before…I make my own deodorant. And I’m very proud of it! Oh, I do everything natural. I am currently going to a guy for traditional Chinese medicine. I am beyond impressed with my progress with him! I do activated charcoal for my dogs and for myself as a toxin cleanse.

LunaWe also go with organic. We’ve actually learned a lot about cancer lately. We’ve had a family member with cancer, and of course you see it in dogs a lot, too. I have a friend who was diagnosed with breast cancer, and she just rejected the conventional treatments. She said “I’m not going to put poison in my body.” So then she cured herself naturally, and she’s written a book about it. And so she now goes and speaks around the country and has really taken off.

Wondercide:That’s awesome.

Adette:It’s amazing! And that’s the thing. If she can cure cancer naturally, what can’t we do?

Wondercide:Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

Maggie Rescue DogAdette:I guess my big thing — and my calling — is to spread the word about naturally caring for your pets. So, I live what I preach. I do natural every single way I can. I just try to teach that to everybody I meet. Don’t over-vaccinate, feed natural, use products that are natural and safe. Don’t poison our buddies — they're our best friends!

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