DIY Pest Control: An Effective Alternative

Are you looking for an alternative to traditional pest control, also known as conventional pesticides? Do you feel like pest control companies are charging you an arm and a leg? Are you concerned for your family that they don't fully disclose the risks associated with conventional pesticides? First of all, most pest control services do not use plant-powered products even when they claim to. In fact, the majority of companies use them to spray in and around your home and claim that once the product is dry, it is not harmful to people or pets. This is not true in most cases. But don't despair, Wondercide offers a safe*, cost effective alternative for diy pest control, in addition to personal and pet health care products.

Times and trends are changing and the general population not only reacts to these changes, they demand it. With DIY (do it yourself) projects being today’s latest craze, Wondercide offers a full line of DIY pest control products that can save you time and money, not to mention our products are natural and safe* to use around your family and pets.

Due to your busy weekday schedules, you might not have a lot of time to wait around for a service company to show up and spray chemicals all over. Then, wait for it to dry so your family and pets can get back to their daily routines. Time is precious, so why not use it effectively? Wondercide products are simple to use and are effective in treating your specific problems. No scheduling and no waiting!

For instance, for indoor pest control maintenance (and treatment) use Wondercide’s BioDefense, a powerful yet safe*, home pest control. Wondercide Indoor Pest Control was created for DIY pest control. It can be safely used around the home, small children and pets when used as directed. Not to mention, it can be used in the kitchen and food preparation areas without contamination or concern.

See a roach? Spray it. Pantry moths? Spray the food pantry. You want to prevent both? Use BioDefense routinely after cleaning house! It effectively eliminates pests such as fleas, tick, ants, bed bugs, roaches, and much more. Home owners can handle DIY pest control by simply using the quart size sprayer around baseboards, doors, windows, and underneath cabinets in the home, just like a pest control company - minus the chemicals, scheduling, dry time, wait time, and harmful residues.

Wondercide’s Indoor Pest Control is just one of the many products that we offer for DIY pest control. Our mission is to develop and market safe*, effective and innovative solutions for pets, people, and property, incorporating low impact, plant-powered ingredients. So, save yourself the time and money and use our DIY pest control products to rid your home, office, lawn or garden from pests and pesticides.

*When used as directed.

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