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Does Wondercide Really Work? Try Everything...LOVE Everything!


PAWSitive feedback offers us a great reminder of why we do what we do every day at Wondercide, creating safe and super effective natural products to protect pets and families without chemicals. So, when we get a truly thoughtful review, we can't help but share it with our readers.

Our customer Sandra bought the Try Everything Sample Pack and, from the looks of it, was quite pleased with her purchase. You may have been wondering, "Does Wondercide really work?" Well, the answer is "Yes – of course!" and our product samples and sample packs can be an excellent way tofind out for yourself.

"Hello! First, I would like to say that I ordered the Flea & Tick Control for Pets + Home and the sample pack of everything. Though its too early to put the Flea & Tick Control for Pets + Home to the test, I did use the sample of the Restore soap while giving my dog a bath. It's true that soap bars are easier to use than the liquid shampoos sold in pet stores.

Something remarkable about it is that without having the chemicals for deep lathering, I found that the soap was so much easier to rinse out, leaving my dog with a truly clean coat. No perfumes – nothing to dry his coat out. Just simply clean. And I have to say that it's refreshing to know what goes down the drain isn't something poisonous that I will be drinking later on.

Skin Tonic SprayNext in my sample pack to try was the Skin Tonic Spray. I originallywanted this for my parents GSDs because one of them commonly gets hot spots, and they aren't too pretty in the show ring. We have transitioned the dog to a raw diet in hopes it will stop the hot spots, but in the meantime, I figured this Skin Tonic could help it along some. The dogshaven't tried it yet, but I used it on myself on severely dry elbows. It was like a miracle. One squirt and all the dryness was immediately gone, and itdid not leave any oily residue on my clothing. It absorbs into the skin immediately, and I love the product.

When weather warms up, I will be testing out theFlea & Tick Control for Pets + Homeand the Natural Personal Insect Repellent. But if they work anywhere near as well as what I have tried so far, I'll be tickled.

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