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Elk Antler Treats: A Responsibly-Sourced Chew Toy


Long-lasting chew toys from an all-natural, renewable resource

If you have a dog, your home may show wear and tear from your dog's energy and curiosity. From scratched floors and stained carpets to chewed furniture, broken blinds, and ruined shoes, dogs are notorious for chewing on and playing with things we don't want them to touch. Why not give your dog a chew toy you'll both be happy about?

Elk antler treats stand out from the hundreds of other pet chew toys on the market. These are a few of the things we love about elk antler treats: Shop Elk Antler Treats

  • Nutritious
  • All natural, with no preservatives or harmful chemicals
  • Resistant to bacteria (the antler's dried composition prevents bacteria growth)
  • Odor-free
  • Long-lasting (pet owners report one elk antler treat lasting three months or longer!)
  • Strong, yet tasty (the bone's hard shell is perfect for dog teeth, yet the soft bone marrow inside provides a tasty incentive for your dog)

Not only do elk antler treats strengthen your dog's dental health, they're also responsibly sourced! Male elk shed their antlers each year. Then, the dried antlers are gathered from the animals' natural habitat and used as elk antler treats!

The antler shedding process is a natural part of the elk growth cycle. No animals are harmed in the gathering of antlers or in the manufacturing of these treats. Plus, these treats are sourced and harvested from Bend, Oregon in the USA. No imports here!

These elk antler treats are good for any dog size and are perfect for the strong, heavy chewers because the antler's hard shell breaks down very slowly and the bone marrow center keeps even the most energetic chewer occupied. This bone marrow is the most nutritious part of the elk antler treat. The marrow is a rich source of iron, calcium, glucosamine, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, and other vital nutrients.

Give Your Dog a Nutritious, Responsibly-Sourced Chew Toy

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