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Can I Use Conventional Topical Flea and Tick Control With Wondercide Products?


Topical Flea Treatment Not WorkingMany pet owners ask us if they can use various conventional topical flea and tick control products alongside Wondercide products. Conventional topical flea and tick treatments are the commonly used option pet owners apply monthly to their pets neck. Frontline, Frontline Plus, Revolution, K9 Advantix II, Advantage, and Fiproguard are all popular examples.

Maybe you applied the treatment yesterday, but the fleas aren't going away. Maybe your dog has been using conventional flea and tick treatment for years but now has fleas or ticks and you want to kill them immediately. Or perhaps you are looking into reducing the amount of conventional products you use on your dog by incorporating Wondercide into your routine. Whatever the reason, you need to know:

Is it okay to combine conventional topical flea and tick control with Wondercide products?

The short answer is YES.

While we recommend using the most effective, plant-powered flea and tick control possible, you can use Wondercide products and conventional topical flea and tick control simultaneously. Wondercide products are generally compatible with conventional topical treatments because they work differently than them. Wondercide products utilize a biological response in bad bugs based on pheromones, whereas conventional topical chemicals cause a neurological response in pests. (Keep in mind that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has confirmed that conventional topical flea and tick control can cause health problems.)

Is it okay to use Wondercide products before the month is up on my dog's conventional topical treatment schedule?

Again, the short answer here is YES. Most conventional topical flea and tick control treatments work by entering your pet's bloodstream. Once the conventional spot-on drops are applied to your dog's skin (or the pills are consumed), the product seeps into the bloodstream and is absorbed into internal organs. Since these products take time to enter your pet's bloodstream and then the pest's body, spot drops generally take 24 hours to kill a flea.

Our flea and tick spray is not absorbed through the skin, and it kills fleas less than two minutes after the product is applied. Because Wondercide products don't enter the bloodstream, they should not interact or interfere with conventional topical flea and tick control.

This means you can apply Wondercide flea and tick spray immediately after applying a conventional topical treatment. However, we recommend you wait at least a day to ensure your pet doesn't have a reaction to the conventional topical treatment. You can continue to use conventional topical treatments if you wish. Be sure to follow the instructions on both the Wondercide and conventional topical treatment labels. If you are thinking of using Wondercide to help prolong the time between applying conventional treatments, that can also be a smart way to reduce your pet's exposure to pesticides.


I still see fleas and ticks. Do Wondercide products really work?

Absolutely. Independent lab testing results prove our products kill fleas and ticks in under two minutes.
If you've applied a product like Flea & Tick for Pets + Home to your pet but continue to see fleas, ticks, or other pests on your animal, it indicates the pest problem extends beyond your pet. The fleas and ticks aren't just on your pet; they're living in the environment. You likely have an infestation, probably inside your home and/or in the outdoor areas your pet frequents.
You will need to treat the environment your pet lives in to completely get rid of fleas or ticks. Use Flea & Tick Pets + Home inside your home to immediately kill any fleas, ticks, or bugs present. Then, use Flea & Tick Yard + Garden outside in your lawn and/or garden to kill pests in those areas and create a barrier around your property. 

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