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Fighting Spiders and Spider Bites

Black widows and brown recluse spiders terrify people – and they should. One spider bite can cause part of a limb to become necrotic, and if you ignore the bite, you may lose an arm or a leg – or your life, if you’re a child or have a compromised immune system. It may sound melodramatic, but these are some serious consequences of not following up on that spider bite. It’s no wonder so many people are Googling spider bite pictures and trying to figure out what kind of spiders are in their homes.


Spider Bites: How to Know It’s Dangerous

The problem with spider bites is this: When they happen, they all look the same. Raised, red, itchy, puffy and swollen skin. You may feel some general pain in the area. Brown recluse bites often feel like a bee sting for the first few minutes after they happen, and you might be able to see fang marks.

This isn’t just true of the brown recluse, though – all spider bites can be irritating and painful. If you’re bitten by something, the key question to ask yourself is this: Is the bite getting worse?

Spider Bites Getting Worse?

If the pain and the swelling hasn’t gone away within 24 hours, it’s time to visit a doctor or the ER. If the bite is getting worse, and you see the redness spreading throughout the limb in the area that the bite happened, you should see a doctor. NEVER chance it – the longer you wait after that 24 hour period, the more trouble you could be in. If you’re wondering what to do about a spider bite, and the bite is only getting worse, it’s best just to get it checked out.


Fighting Spiders In Your Home

Not everyone wants to get rid of spiders, and that makes sense – spiders kill plenty of bugs that irritate us on a daily basis, so some folks enjoy their house spiders. If you’re not a fan of spiders (and we really aren’t here), then you can always try a product like BioDefense. It’ll not only get rid of spiders, but prevent them from coming in with regular use. It’ll also get rid of the bugs that the spiders took care of, so you’re getting rid of two problems at once.


Need Help With Arachnophobia?

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