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Fleas: the most common Parasite among Dogs & Cats


Fleas are extremely common parasites among dogs and cats.Fleas bite their host animal and suck blood for nutrition, leaving saliva behind under the pet’s skin. Recent scientific studies have shown that flea saliva contains around 15 different allergens,making life very uncomfortable for unfortunate dogs and cats! For some animals, all it takes is just one flea to set up a flurry of scratching and discomfort – also affecting the condition of your poor pet’s coat!Fleas flourish in moist, warm conditions and are often a problem in coastal areas. Each female flea will lay 20 eggs at atime and will lay between 400 and 500 eggs in her lifetime (1 flea has the potential to produce 500 new fleas!).

During unfavorable conditions for pests, such as cold winters, the pupae stage of the lifecycle may survive for several months, and the adult flea can also go without a blood meal for several months. No wonder these are tough little critters to get rid of! As if causing itchy, painful bites on your pet isn’t bad enough, these jumping insects can also transmit tapeworms.

The obvious first step is to do as much as possible to keep your pet flea-free by using Flea & Tick Pets + Home as a preventative. If you're already infested, it is important to rid your pet of fleas entirely and get them out of your environment, too. In that case, a combination of our indoor and outdoor Flea & Tick products can get you back to living flea-free without the use of any harsh chemicals.

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