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Happy Earth Day from Wondercide!


Happy Earth Day from Wondercide! Today for Career Day & Earth Day, we visitedSt. Mary's Catholic School in Temple, Texas to talk about entrepreneurship. Our CEO Stephanie explained to the third-graders how she came up with the idea to start Wondercide and how exciting it is to make safe products that protect pets, people, property...and the whole planet!

Stephanie explained how her dog Luna had gotten sick from some medicine that was supposed to help her, but it turned out to have dangerous ingredients. So, she set out to make up her own business to help others. We discussed the importance of being a problem-solver and how every aspect of school – from math class to science to art –is important when you are an entrepreneur.

It was so inspiring to meet a class full of kids who are getting pumped about recycling and taking care of nature. What a great time to learn about natural products that work really well and are also safe as can be!

At the end of the presentation, one of the students asked Stephanie, "How does it feel to help pets every day?" And we have to say, it feels pretty excellent. On this Earth Day, we're thankful for all of the people who believe in us, who are helping Wondercide reduce unnecessaryuse of chemical pesticides every single day (that's you!).

And now, after chatting with those couple dozen smiley munchkins, we're also feeling pretty hopeful about the future. With a whole generation of kids who are more informed about healthy choices and safe natural alternatives to everyday products, we're looking forward to living in a truly wonderful world :-)

Did you talk to your kids (or nieces, nephews or grandkids) about Earth Day today? What are some things you and they have done to make the earth a better place? We'd love to hear about it in the comments.

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