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What is a holistic approach for heartworm prevention?


Heartworm prevention is on the minds of most pet owners and most conventional veterinarians sell them on fear. Most Holistic and Homeopathic veterinarians warn against buying into the profitable pill solution for heartworm prevention. It just isn't natural.

The most complete and detailed review of holistic heartworm prevention can be found by reading Dr. Will Falconer's e-book located HERE. It is a simple, 9 page document the clearly explains not only how to prevent heartworms, but how to prevent disease and other chronic illnesses in dogs and cats.

The top 5 areas crucial to health and heartworm prevention relate to: Nutrition, Vaccination (an interesting and widely debated topic between conventional and holistic practitioners), Toxic Exposure, Disease Outcomes, and Lifestyle.

I need a natural heartworm prevention

A great way to prevent heartworms is to reduce the dogs exposure to mosquitoes. A quick mist of Wondercide Flea & Tick Pets & Home before outdoor play time will protect them. Flea & Tick Pets & Home Flea and Tick Spray is also a natural and powerful mosquito repellent. By repelling mosquitoes that carry heartworm, you reduce the chance of your dog being infected. You love your pets and are committed to protecting their health. Our natural pet supplies provide you the very best in reliable, honest animal care.

In general, protecting your dog or cat by offering proper nutrition, exercise, and avoiding conventional pesticides, fertilizers and home cleaners will greatly improve your animals health and immune system. These simple steps will make them stronger and more capable to fight off natural predators that cause disease and illness caused by heartworms.

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