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Getting Rid of House Spiders


Q. I have been looking for a natural option for getting rid of spiders at our house. We have issues with both spiders and scorpions, but spiders are the big issue (especially with my wife!). What would be the best package to get in order to naturally get rid of spiders (Big ones!). Thanks for your help and I hope to try your product.


A. Thank you for your interest in Wondercide and for taking the time to contact us. Your question relating to spiders is a great question. All of our products are successful at reducing populations of spiders because their food source, insects, is greatly reduced or eliminated as a result of a Wondercide application.

Spiders are beneficial (not to your wife!) and so we don't promote our products ability to kill them in an effort to avoid confusion. But, this is how it works...

Get rid of spiders outside

EcoTreat do it yourself pest control applied outdoors will reduce the spider population for reasons explained above, but it will not kill spiders or other beneficial insects like bees, butterflies, lady bugs, etc.

Kill spiders inside

BioDefense Insecticide

will kill and repel spiders, scorpions, and almost any flying, biting, crawling insect it comes into contact with (including wasps and bed bugs). Therefore, we would recommend using EcoTreat Outdoor Pest Control on the lawn and garden, and BioDefense in the home and office. You may certainly use BioDefense for house spiders without treating outdoors. As with any pest management situation, using Integrated Pest Management techniques such as sealing cracks, caulking around doors and windows, and maintaining a clean environment always helps.

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