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How to Wash Dog Toys Without Detergent


Does your Wonderpup have a favorite plush toy she likes to take everywhere...even outside? If so, you're bound to end up with some toys that are both worn down and completely coated in dirt – a losing combination if you're thinking of tossing 'em in the washing machine! With more durable plush toys, you can definitely put them in the wash with naturallaundry powder, but ragged toys may fall apart.

So, if you've got yourself a fragile and dirty dog toy, the best route is to handwash the toy, and Wondercide's natural shampoo bars are actually ideal for getting them squeaky clean, naturally. We like to use the sample sizes, but you can also cut off a chunk of afull-size bar with a kitchen knife.


Wonderpup KileyAfterWonderpupKiley dragged her snowman toy around for six months, it's no surprise that it was white as snow no more. But in a matter of minutes, Frosty the dog toy was restored to his former glory!

Here's how to wash dog toys by hand with Wondercide:

You'll need:

  • A dirty dog toy
  • A bowl of hot water
  • A Wondercide shampoo bar
  1. Fill a mixing bowl with hot water (but not too hot that you can't put your hand in the bowl!).
  2. Immerse the dog toy in the water.
  3. Use the shampoo bar to scrub the plush toy, scraping the surface with the side of the bar. Work the lather into the fabric.
  4. Rinse the toy under the faucet.
  5. Hang to dry, preferably somewhere sunny.

We've tried this method with a handful of our Wonderpups' favorite plush toys with great results, and the best part is not having to worry about them putting these toys in their mouths afterward. With conventional laundry detergent, too many harsh chemicals are transferred, and your favorite pup can ingest all kinds of toxins.

Have you washed dog toys without detergent before? Let us know in the comments!

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