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How to Improve Your Pet's Health: Organic Pet Treats


As someone who cares about natural pet care, you know how important a healthy diet is to the overall well-being of your Wonder pups. While the cornerstone of a nutritious pet diet is the food you choose to feed at each meal, treats can also play a role in helping or hurting your cats and dogs.

If you've taken the time to research the best pet food, whether your pets enjoy a raw diet or a grain-free commercial option, you don't want to blow it by feeding them unhealthy treats throughout the day.
Make sure your pet's snacks are contributing to his health with Wondercide's organic pet treats.

Learn More About Organic Treats

Organic Pet Treats Are Better

Wondercide's organic pet treats are lovingly prepared by chefs from Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts, who were inspired to cook pet food with the same love and attention people give their own food.

Wondercide organic pet treats come in chicken medallion, rabbit medallion, and chicken jerky varieties and all are approved by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) to ensure nutrient levels and calcium-phosphorous ratios are correct.

Our chefs met with countless veterinarians, veterinary nutritionists and dog owners – and even visited a master herbalist – in order to develop organic pet treats that are unmatched in quality, nutritional value and deliciousness!

Only the Good Stuff

We live by the philosophy that anything that isn't good enough for human use or consumption isn't good enough for our pets. The ingredients in most pet treats aren't fit for people, so our chefs visited local farms to find high-quality, natural ingredients for our organic pet treats.

Each of our recipes starts with high-quality meat, such as truly free-range chicken, so that your cats and dogs are fed the grain-free, single-source protein they need. The meat is gently cooked before adding organic carrots and sea salt, so that the vegetables are never exposed to heat and never lose their nutrients. Our chefs checked carefully to ensure animals on the farms were raised without antibiotics or hormones and that the farms used sound environmental practices.

Of course, all of our ingredients come from right here in the USA, and every part of the cooking and shipping process occurs in America – avoiding the dangers that come with treats manufactured overseas.

We love the ingredients we use, but just as important are the ingredients we choose to leave out. Each and every organic pet treat is made without by-products, grains, artificial flavors, preservatives, hormones, antibiotics, or pesticides.

Since our pets evolved from wild cats and dogs who hunted for food, we ensure our treats are meat-based and low in carbohydrates. This means Wondercide's organic pet treats live up to the natural, real meat standards your pets expect and deserves. Real meat treats also help improve your pet's digestion and allow cats and dogs to absorb the essential nutrients they need, which can help stave off deadly diseases like cancer.

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