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Luna's Senior Dog Health Regimen

Steph & LunaSenior dog health is a popular subject because our pets need extra care as they age. Wondercide was founded after our CEO Stephanie's dog Luna became deathly ill at age 10 from using fipronil-based flea & tick "spot drops." Once Stephanie nursed Luna back to health and converted her to a more holistic lifestyle, Luna lived for another six-and-a-half years without the burden of harsh chemicals in her daily routine.
Many Wondercide customers have asked us what regimen Stephanie used for Luna from the time she was ten until her sweet sixteen, hoping to gain some insight and inspiration for their own holistic pet care endeavors. We chatted with Stephanie about Luna's "senior dog health regimen," and here's what we found out!
Vaccinations:From the time Luna was sick, I only ever gave her the 3-year rabies vaccination (because state and city require it) and sometimes even stretched that. She was never boarded or in an environment that would put her at risk from my perspective, so I was comfy doing that and only worked with vets that allowed me to make my own informed medical decisions for my fur babies.
Heartworm Prevention: I never did traditional, pesticide-based heartworm pills, but rather protected the lawn and my pets religiously with Wondercide. I lived on the Gulf coast and in central Texas and never had an issue. I recommend reading this post by Dr. Falconerto fully understand the details and decisions of going one way or another when it comes to heartworm prevention.
Regimen:We only used nontoxic cleaning products, lawn care products, and personal care products. We fed 50% raw and 50% high-quality kibble morning and night. When she was still interested, we gave Luna raw bones with meat on it and put organ meats in her raw food 1-2 times a week (chicken liver, kidney, etc.). We frequently rotated supplementing on meals (something special on top, never together) with the following: (always organic for all) coconut oil, salmon oil, peanut oil, Greek yogurt, etc. We always put neem bark powder on every meal. In her last 18 months, we also rotated supplementation with DETOX bentonite clay after meals, just poured 2 oz in her bowl. She always had access to fresh water and lots and lots of love :)
Luna lived sixteen-and-a-half years, which is a miracle and atypical for her size and breed. Reasonable expectations should be set for breed and health history. Another piece of advice is to avoid sharing worried or intense feelings of concern around the animal. I believe they can sense the energy. When I would get that way while petting Luna, she would get up and walk away; she knew if I was worried about her. Instead, focus on positive thoughts and energy, joy and gratitude.
Note: The routine outlined above represents Luna's experiences and may not create the same results in all dogs. This information does not constitute medical advice; please consult a holistic veterinarian before making any adjustments to your senior dog health regimen.

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