Plant-Powered Flea and Tick Spray: Homeopathic Opinion by Dr. Will Falconer


Dr. Falconer: holistic-vet-blogs-natural-flea-tick-spray I have a seven year old English Cocker Spaniel who in the past has had problems with skin (mange), and an E.Canis tick infection. He is on Frontline monthly application during the hot months (this was the only thing that was able to control the tick infestation back when he had E.Canis while in another country). My concern now is that he is aging, and I am worried about over-vaccinating and over-drugging him but still want to maintain adequate flea and tick protection for him.


What plant-powered flea and tick spray would you suggest, and how often? I have heard Revolution provides benefits against heartworm, one species of tick, fleas, and worms if applied monthly, which seems better than using a heartworm prevention, a wormer, and a flea and tick preventative. I also understand Revolution isn't really a plant-powered flea and tick control solution and prefer that. Thoughts?
Fleas and ticks are an area of toxic exposure. Please know that anything you'd put on your dog's shoulders that kills pests is called, wait for it, a conventionalpesticide. Right? Meaning, it's poison, with warning labels to not get it onyou. Hmmm. But it's okay to put on your aging dog? What's wrong with that picture?? I'll let the Wondercide staff tell you their favorite flea and tick spray products to use instead.
"Wondercide flea control both repels and kills instantly, and there are no side effects (other than a great smelling dog!).With Wondercide's Flea Control, you can use it as often as needed on dogs or cats of any size or age and around your home, on flooring, furniture, pet bedding. It's versatile, non-staining, safe to use around kids when used as directed, and it will kill the fleas at the source, making it more cost effective than traditional methods."
For more information on Flea & Tick Control for Pets + Home, watch our video: Flea & Tick Spray vs. Spot Drops
You've asked a holistic veterinarian for his opinion on all these questions. A conventional vet will quite likely disagree with most everything I've written. It's ultimately up to you to decide what flea and tick prevention track makes sense to you, but I would urge you to proceed with caution.
Dr. Will Falconer
Certified Veterinary Homeopath
Vital Animal | The Natural Path
For plant-powered flea and tick control, visit to learn more: Flea and Tick Spray.
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