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Natural Flea Control for Small Dogs

Q. I have two small dogs who walk twice a day in a heavily wooded area and inevitably I find tick and/or fleas on them. Please tell me that your product really works and how often I have to use it. Is it twice a day if I walk them twice or once a day will prevail for both walks? I am desperate to find a natural flea control as I will not use toxic pest control. Thank you so much.

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A. Wondercide Flea & Tick Pets & Home Flea & Tick Spray is the product recommended for the type of activity you are describing. We have thousands of happy customers that successfully use our natural products as both repellents and contact kill applications. Typically, applying Flea & Tick Pets & Home Flea & Tick Spray once a day is sufficient to protect your dogs on multiple walks. However, we recommend using the product to find what works best for your dogs, local environment, and level of pest pressure. Flea & Tick Pets & Home is a natural flea and tick control that can also be used to kill any fleas or ticks that have hitched a ride home on you or your dogs. So you may consider spraying them once for the repellent effect, but checking them after each walk to ensure they are free from fleas or ticks. If a flea or tick is found, you can simply spray the dogs down to eliminate the pests.

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