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Natural Flea Treatment Myths


Natural flea treatments are sometimes mistakenly thought of as ineffective methods of prevention and more expensive than conventional pesticide ridden approaches to pest control. Throughout our office, you can hear customer service representatives explaining to customers that yes, our natural flea treatment products are effective, as they provide a contact kill and repel fleas, tick and other pesky insects, too!

We've been in business for this long because of the effectiveness of our products and their safe use around our most delicate family members, babies and pets. Here are a few of the natural flea treatment myths we hearand the facts that debunk them:

Natural Flea Treatment Myths

Myth: Natural, organic flea treatments are not as effective as topical spot-drops, conventional sprays, or pills!

Truth: Although organic pesticides (which are often exempt from federal regulation) are not subject to EPA mandated testing, this does not mean that they are ineffective. The conventional pesticides used in traditional spot drops are known to work their way through your pet's bloodstream and enter their organs, which can lead to neurological and behavioral disorders.

Natural flea treatment scan also work wonders to kill and repel flea & ticks. Many are not designed as contact kill sprays, but Wondercide uses cedar oil to actually interfere with bad bugs' octopamine receptors (octopamine is needed for life-sustaining functions in these bugs) and suffocate them.

Wondercide is scientifically proven to kill these nasty pests!

Myth: Flea collars are a safe and effective alternative to topical spot-drops and pills!

Truth: Considering fleas spend most of their time off the host, flea collars are the least effective method of preventing fleas. Flea collars also release harsh chemicals continuously and can be transferred to pet owners, subjecting them to the same residue that persists on a pet's fur for weeks.

Myth: The government (or EPA) won't allow companies to sell dangerous flea treatments to consumers!

Truth: The EPA does not assess the safety of conventional pesticides; it instead assesses the risk associated with a particular product being on the market. Take a moment to research ingredients used in common flea and tick treatments.

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What natural flea treatment myths have you heard about?

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