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Infographic: Natural Tick Prevention for Dogs


Natural Tick Prevention for Dogs

Natural Tick Prevention for Dogs

Natural tick prevention requires knowledge about the tick environment, life cycle and areas your pet is most susceptible to invasion.

We were warned about rising tick populations,and now that tick season is upon us, we have to be tick smart about our preventative measures.

This means using natural tick prevention for your pet, instead of conventionalpesticide spot drop or pill treatments, to keep ticks at bay.

To prevent ticks, it's ideal to tackle the problem from both ends. Before you go on a walk or hike in wooded areas with your pup, spritz her down with Flea & Tick for Pets + Home to help repel ticks before they attempt to latch on.

Since ticks are heartier parasites than their more common counterpart the flea, it's also important to do a tick check after your dog has spent time in untreated areas. Scan her skin for a dark brown spot that could be as small as a poppy seed in the nymph stage of the lifecycle. An engorged adult tick will look more like a gross little gray balloon. Should you find one on your dog, spray it with Wondercide, which will kill it by contact.

You can save the tick in a jar for your vet to test so that you know exactly what's bitten your pup. Practicing prevention by spraying your dog before hikes and keeping her healthy overall is a great way to reduce the chance of having to deal with a tick problem in the first place.

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