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Safe Weed Killer


Is there such a thing as safe weed killer? Yes, there is.

We just received this feedback from one of our customers. Although Wondercide Indoor Pest Control is 100% Biodegradable and can be used this way, it is not labeled for use as a weed killer.However, it seems to work well for this customer who wanted to find a pet friendly, safe weed killer.

"When I read that Flea & Tick Pets + Home shouldn't be used on plants, it got me thinking... so I went out and carefully sprayed the thistles that I have such a hard time getting rid of in my landscaping. Within 2 hours they were brown and dead... 2 weeks later they haven't come back. I now have a pet friendly, organic weed killer!! I know you don't advertise this as a feature, but I am thrilled to have this in my arsenal. I can now treat my weeds and allow my pets to use the yard. It also doesn't seem to be affecting the plants I want in the yard at all. What a win! Thanks!!"

~ Jeremy

What did Jeremy use?

You are so welcome Jeremy! Most people don't understand that commercially available weed killers are highly toxic. Most of the weed killer and fertilizer products sold at Home Improvement stores fall under the same category...TOXIC. Of course they are advertised as safe for your pets and children, but science suggests otherwise. Ask yourself this question: if the product works for 6-12 months at a time, is it natural and safe? The answer is no. Products that do not break down are not biodegradable and persist in the environment. These products leach into the watershed and are absorbed into your skin when you or your children and pets walk in a treated area...even if it dried for 2 hours. If it stays in the environment for extended periods of time, it is probably toxic to pets, people, and the environment. The next time you are looking for a pet safe weed killer or natural pest control, give Wondercide a try!

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