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5 Pet New Years Resolutions


New Years Resolutions. You either love them or hate them.


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If you’re one of those people that go to the gym year round, park in the same spot and have a regular gym routine - cheers! Chances are, by the first week of January, you will be fighting for a parking spot or for a turn on the treadmill; and you probably loathe New Year’s resolution makers.

On the other hand, maybe you’re part of the large percentage of people who look to the New Year for a fresh start at something.

Whether or not you have promised yourself that you will begin to go to the gym, read more books, or learn a new skill, don’t forget to set expectations for your pet as well.

Yes, that’s right - a New Year’s resolution for your fur baby. What a concept!

First, get out and Exercise!

No, not you, silly. We already talked about how I don’t want you hogging my treadmill. I mean, take your dog for a long walk, jog, or run every day. Don’t have time? Invest in doggy day care. Your pup will love you for it (and so will your sanity).

Second, provide your pet with proper nutrition and consider an organic diet or at least a diet that is free from dyes, grains, and fillers that many dog food brands add to their food. If your pet is overweight, speak to your vet about portion control and diet solutions. Additional weight can cause undue stress to the joints and lead to a shorter life span.

Third, make sure you are providing a clean, healthy, and safe environment. Think about all the products you use every single day... I’ll wait…

Got them all? Think - how many of them are allowing harmful chemicals into the air you breathe, the clothes you wear, or the bed you sleep on? Need to rid your dog, cat, house, or yard of fleas, ticks, spiders, ants, etc.? Use asafe pest control product and natural flea repellent that doesn’t put you or your loved ones at risk! Chemicals are really bad for you, and 2013 is the year we can stop pretending that isn’t true.

Fourth, how prepared are you in the case of a pet emergency? What happens if your dog or cat goes missing, breaks a leg... stubs his toe? Instead of running around like a chicken with its head cut off (sorry for that visual), collect and put together all the necessary items. What are these items, you ask? Telephone number and address to your vet, emergency vet, and local animal shelters, recent photos with close ups of unique markings, microchip information, description of the pet’s collar (this may sound silly but it’d surprise you how many people DON’T remember what this looks like when they are panicked), and of course, always have a collar with an ID tag on the animal at all times.

Last but certainly not least, affection. I don’t think you need an explanation but I will say that the health benefits are mutual.

Whether you decide to begin with a natural diet, increased exercise, or safe pest control, start the New Year with a healthier lifestyle for you and your pet!

Happy 2013, Wondercide Family!

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