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Pro Tips for Take Your Dog to Work Day


Take Your Dog to Work Day is EVERY day at Wondercide! That’s why we feel especially qualified to help you prepare to take Fido to your office. If youdream of convincing your co-workers to adopt a daily take-your-dog-to-work policy, now’s your chanceto show your team that having pets around can positively affect mood, health and productivity. Here’s how we can all make Take Your Dog to Work Day the very best day of the year.


Preparation is half the battle! If you don't have an office or space with a door that you can shut, takealong a baby gate or kennel to keep your pup in your area. That way you can keep an eye on your dog and make sure he's not bothering coworkers or getting into trouble.Speaking of trouble, you may want to pack some natural stain and odor remover if Spot is prone to occasional accidents. Also, take his bed or a blanket so he has somewhere cozy to rest while you work. A toy or two can keep him busy, but stay away from the squeaky ones for the sake of office sanity! Snag a water bowl from home or be sure the office has something you can use. Lastly, of course, don't forget to have your Flea & Tick Control for Pets + Home handy to spray him down before potty breaks.


There's nothing your pup loves more than noms, but you'll want to make sure hehas healthy options while at the office. Not every coworker knows what's okay for him to chomp on, so you should have healthy natural treats on hand for your coworkers to offer your pup and for reinforcing good behavior. Don't be afraid to talk about the human food NO-NO list to help your office keep your dog safe from grapes, chocolate, and the like. To keep your Wonderpup busy throughout the day, bringing along his favorite chew can also be useful.


Scheduling ahead of time can help you and your dog have the best possible day. Try to fit in a morning walk or play session before you head to the office so he's not overly hyper and has had a chance to relieve himself, too. If coworkers are bringing their dogs, be sure they get alongor at least have a plan for keeping them separated. If your pup is not too familiar with the office, he might not know how to tell you when it's time for a potty break, so you'll need to act as his advocate as much as possible.

Once you've gatheredyour supplies, snacks and schedule, you're ready to tackle Take Your Dog to Work Day like a pro. We're certain you'll have a truly PAWSitive experience!?

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