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Retailer Spotlight: Holistic Hound


Wondercide was thrilled to chat with Heidi from Holistic Hound, a natural pet store that's "leading the pack" in Berkeley, California. Focusing on their mission toimprove the health, wellness and longevity of dogs and cats, Holistic Hound offered advice on how to best care for our beloved pets and shared a little bit about what's it's like to run the store.

Here's what Heidi had to say:

Wondercide: Why did you decide to open Holistic Hound?

Heidi:I have a background in business (spent almost 20 years in the corporate world before opening my store) and am also a homeopath. A holistic pet store seemed like the best way to blend my two passions: holistic healthcare & animals.

Wondercide: That's great that you were able to meld your passions into one awesome store! So, how would you sum up the idea of holistic pet care? Heidi:I'd say that focusing on mental, emotional and physical aspects of ourselves and our animals allows the opportunity to achieve and maintain the highest levels of health and wellness.

Wondercide:We definitely agree! So, how do you and your customers use Wondercide Natural Products?

Heidi:We use it as part of an overall approach to flea and tick prevention and control. We also offer healthy internal products that are given to the dog and cats that bitter the blood and make it undesirable to the fleas and ticks to bite, and we use Wondercide to help prevent and kill fleas and ticks on the animal, as well as in the home and yard. Holistic Hound Store

Wondercide: Awesome! Have your customers had any particular experiences with Wondercide that stand out to you?

Heidi:Well, we are “the” go-to place in the community for non-toxic alternatives to pest control and have heard many amazing stories over the years about the effectiveness of Wondercide in flea and tick prevention and control. My customers are very thankful and grateful to have safe and effective products to use around their homes, pets and children.

Wondercide: We're glad to hear that. We're wondering, what’s your favorite thing about running Holistic Hound?

Heidi:For me, it's about helping educate people about health and seeing the amazing results of approaching health and wellness holistically, beginning with good nutrition.

Wondercide: And do you guys host any events at your store?

Heidi:We do: we have animal adoption days, wellness talk & workshops, anesthesia-free teeth cleaning and product demos
, too.

Wondercide: Sounds like a great place to work...and shop! If you could give one piece of advice to a new customer at Holistic Hound who wanted to know how to do the best thing for their pets, what would you tell them?

Heidi:Feed your dogs and cats a “species appropriate” diet for ultimate health.

Wondercide: Great advice! And thank you so much for chatting with us today. We love being a part of the Holistic Hound product lineup! Do you live near Berkeley, California? Visit Holistic Hound in person to stock up on Wondercide and learn more about holistic pet care!


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