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Community Giving Day Supports Austin Animals


Whole Foods Community Giving DayCommunity Giving Day

In honor of Community Giving Day on Tuesday, February 23, 2016, Whole Foods - Domain is giving 5% back to local animal rescue and service organizations in Austin. You can make a difference for animals throughout Austin and Central Texas just by buying groceries.

Austin Humane Society has been serving the community since 1952 and is the oldest standing no-kill shelter in Austin. Through a variety of community outreach programs and through the tireless work of their volunteers and supports, they have been able to "Unleash Hope" for thousands of dogs and their owners!

Austin Pets Alive! has been supporting hard-luck hounds (and kitties!) since 2008 by offering programs that increase the success rates of adoptions for pets that would otherwise have a harder time finding homes (like pets with behavioral issues or serious medical concerns). With their help, Austin has been able to save over 90% of animals since 2011!

Helping to both rehabilitate sick or injured animals and to educate the public on ways to live peacefully with the amazing wildlife around us, Austin Wildlife Rescue works tirelessly to ensure the original "Texas Natives" are happy, healthy, and in harmony alongside an ever-growing Austin populous!

Austin Zoo started out in 1990 as a goat ranch taking in unwanted farm animals in need of a home – now it's an official Zoo and Sanctuary, taking in not only abandoned livestock, but hundreds of exotics as well, including those seized from animal cruelty cases, retired from other facilities due to health or age related issues, or retired laboratory research animals.

So whether you're short on fruits and veggies, dog and cat food or the whole pantry, Community Giving Day on Tuesday, February 23 is your day to make a difference for animals throughout Austin and Central Texas – just by swinging by Whole Foods at the Domain! What will be in your cart?

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