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Temperature, Toxins & Toe Jam: 3 Good Reasons to Protect Dog Paws This Season


Your dog spends all day walking on her paws! It's no wonder they sometimes take a beating. As temperatures are rising and summer is on its way, there's never been more reason to protect dog paws from the dangers that make them crack and sore.


Fried EggTemperature:

In the heat, asphalt gets particularly hot, so your Wonderpup's paws can get burnt if you're not careful. Always check the heat of the sidewalk when it's hot out. Rule of thumb: if you wouldn't walk barefoot, it's probably too hot for paws as well.

Try walking early in the morning or in the evening, walking your pup on grass, or investing in some dog booties. Use skin tonic spray on paws that need a little TLC.



ToDanger Pesticidesxins are problematic all year round, but when it starts heating up, the bugs come out to wreak havoc on lawns and gardens. As a result, more people treat their yards with conventional pesticides, so there's a higher likelihood that your pup will pick up conventional pesticide residue when you're out on walks. .

So here's another call for doggie shoes, or feel free to keep off the grass when the sidewalk is cool enough! Plus, it never hurts to remind your neighbors about safe products to use on their yards for bugs ?As an extra precaution, it can help to wash your pup's feet when you get home from a walk, the same way you wipe your shoes on the doormat. To make this easier, you can check out something like a paw plunger or even use cleansing pet wipes instead.


Sticker BurrToe Jam:

Well, okay. Dogs don't exactly get toe jam, probably because they don't wear a lot of socks. But when the weather is nice and you're going on more outings, chances are they'll get something or another lodged between their toes.

Whether your pup is packing sticker burs or crumpled leaves, the only way to know for sure is to check the paws. After walks (especially in wooded areas), check for any particles that could be caught and remove them by hand or with a tweezer. Keeping the fur on the paw pads neat and trim can also help prevent things from sticking.

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