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Traveling With Pets

If you’re a pet owner – particularly a dog mom or dad – you know summer’s coming. Your pet might already be biting at the leash, ready to go outside for a car trip or a long swim.

Many of us will be doing some distance traveling with pets, and if you plan on taking your pet, you’ll need to make sure your pet’s travel stuff is in tow.

Your pet’s travel kit should include some of the following items for traveling with your pets. Use this as a handy checklist to keep track of what you pack and take with you on the road when you take a trip with your pet.

  • Rabies vaccination - Some states require any traveling pet to have a current rabies vacc, and it’s a good move to have a record of this on hand.[1] You may not have a problem, but it’s better to be safe than sorry – particularly if your pet gets frisky with an officer.
  • _x007f_ Travel papers. If your pet has a health or vaccination record, it’s good to bring this along.
  • _x007f_ Food – It’s not a good idea to feed your dog a lot before taking a long trip or while the car is moving, but having his or her food and treats along is a must.
  • _x007f_ Any needed medications
  • _x007f_ A brush or other grooming supplies in case your dog gets dirty
  • _x007f_ Your pet’s favorite toy(s)
  • _x007f_ A comfortable pillow or blanket
  • _x007f_ Crate, if your pet requires it
  • _x007f_ Microchip information
  • _x007f_ Your Wondercide pet travel kit - including:
  • _x007f_ Flea & Tick Pets + Home – our #1 selling Flea & Tick Pets + Home spray will help you not only get rid of fleas and ticks, but PREVENT them. Before your dog runs around at rest stops, do a quick spray of Flea & Tick Pets + Home on your pet’s coat. Bug-free pets = a happy trip!
  • _x007f_ Wondercide soap bars. Our soaps are safe for pets and people. You can wash your pet anywhere you can find a hose. Our soap bars make it super easy to get a dirty dog clean.
  • _x007f_ Skin Tonic Spray. If your dog experiences hot spots or skin allergies, our Skin Tonic Spray can help while you’re on your trip. There is only one size
  • _x007f_ All Ears Ear Wash – Make sure that your dogs and cats are mite-free. It’s easy to catch these parasites while traveling – prevent them before you have to get rid of them!
  • _x007f_ Eco-88 Pet Stain and Odor Remover – You’ll definitely need this to get rid of stubborn pet stains and odors in your car.

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If you’d like for us to put a special travel kit together for you, let us know! We’d love to give you some help.

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