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Why are conventional pesticides used?

Make no mistake about it – conventional pesticides are nasty and harmful “solutions” used for many different purposes. So, why are conventional pesticides used? Every day, millions of people in America are putting spot drops on their dogs necks for flea & tick control, using dangerous solutions on their gardens resulting in contaminated food, spraying their children down with DEET to minimize mosquito bites, and the list goes on. The fact that we use these dangerous products so often leaves many people asking: why are conventional pesticides used when there are so many alternatives out there?

There are only two things that will stop the vicious cycle: Understanding these conventional pesticides and preventing their dependence in your life by being an informed consumer.

Greener living isn’t just for families who can afford it – it’s for anyone who wants a healthier, safer life. Since the first step is educating yourself, start by learning the truth about conventional pesticides.

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Using Wondercide safe products is a great start to eliminating conventional pesticides, and there are so many other things you can do too! Once you understand the conventional pesticides that are used around your home and family, why conventional pesticides are used, how they are used for food production, what popular brand name products really have inside the bottle, then you can decide what to do about it. Here are some ways to start thinking about how to live conventional pesticide free through easy and realistic lifestyle changes:

1. Shop safe. Not everyone can afford some of the larger organic retail chains, but you CAN afford a trip to your local farmer’s market every weekend. Approach growers and ask them how they grow their veggies, what kinds of conventional pesticides and herbicides they use, and any other questions you deem relevant to ensure non-toxic food products. A grower who can’t give you a good answer may not have the best product for your family. When you start buying organic fruits and veggies, you’ll see the difference – and you’ll FEEL the difference as well. Locally sourced produce tastes awesome and it makes you feel good – you just have to find the right family farmer to depend on.

2. Filter your water. Often times, people don’t understand or think about the fact that conventional pesticides used to grow food contaminate the soil and ground water. When ground water is poisoned with applications of conventional pesticides and herbicides, the water cycle has the potential to send those poisons back into the atmosphere – where they could end up back in your groundwater (think acid rain). So it’s debatable as to whether or not conventional pesticides exist in your drinking water, but there are definitely chemicals thrown in there you might not want to ingest if you knew more. Regardless, your tap water is chemically treated, so it’s better to be safe & healthy by filtering your water for a better taste and peace of mind.

3. Use Wondercide Products. Wondercide offers a complete treatment system that will change the way you fight pests and take care of yourself as well as your pets. You don’t need conventional pesticides to get rid of pests in your house or lawn. If you’re using conventional pesticides and insecticides that you bought at a grocery or home improvement store, it might be time to ask yourself why conventional pesticides are used in your home, and how you can come up with some betters solutions. At Wondercide, we encourage you to TREAT NATURE WITH NATURE.

I want to start using Natural Home Pest Defense products today!

Asking yourself "why are conventional pesticides used" is a great start towards a healthier lifestyle. To learn more, take a look at our other blogs.

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