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Wondercide Meets Ed Begley Jr.


Everybody has celebrity crushes and actors or actresses they'd just love to meet! Here at Wondercide, some of our favorite famous faces are those who are working to better the planet and use their influence as celebrities for the greater good. Since our society loves pop culture so much, famous people can make a huge difference in raising awareness for environmental issues. When they do, we think it's really great!

Wondercide recentlyhad the honor of listening to and meeting a renownedenvironmental activist in Orange, TX.Ed Begley Jr., an actor and activist, has been considered an environmental leader in Hollywood for many years. Showing up to events on bicycles, installing solar panels, and catching rainwater with his rain bucketare just a few ways hehas helped in saving our planet.

Detailing simple ways to participate in the green revolution, Ed humored the audience with his humble beginnings in saving the environment. "It's doing what you can when you can," he says when talking about the new (and often expensive) technologies being used today. It's as simple as leaving earlier to get where you're going, or using 100% recycled paper, or taking public transportation or riding your bicycle as an alternative to driving a car. You can find more ways to reduce your carbon footprint in his newly released book, "Living Like Ed."

Needless to say, we were very excited about meeting him and handing him some Wondercide, too. After passing off some natural insect repellent and getting his signature in our book, we werevery happywith his enthusiasm for the product and his eagerness to try it at the first possible moment. We hope that his passion and devotion to bettering our world will be continued through the use of our naturalpest control products.

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