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Wondercide Flea Spray: "A Miracle, Truly a Miracle."


Here at Wondercide, we receive inspirational stories and positive motivation from customers every day. This week, we heard from Linda Anne in Missouri and Warren in Ohio. Both were suffering from fleas and successfully eradicated the pests with Wondercide organic flea spray.

"A miracle, truly a miracle" - Linda Anne, Missouri

Linda Anne and her grandson dealt with a flea infestation in their home. They were "overrun with the miserable little critters." Linda Anne has multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS), and both she and her grandson are allergic to fleas. They were in extreme discomfort, but "skeptical that anything non-chemical would work" to eradicate the fleas. Linda Anne chose to give our organic flea spraya try anyway. And boy did Wondercide prove her skepticism wrong.

"The day after spraying, I could already tell a huge difference," she explained. Also, she had no chemical reaction to the organic flea spray – a huge accomplishment, considering people with MCS normally experience symptoms from even the smallest chemical exposure. Linda Anne sent us this message: "Thank you, Wondercide. The organic flea spray was a miracle. We are so thankful."

Eradicate Pests in Your Home

"Wondercide organic flea spray is a super product!" - Warren, Ohio

Warren, in Ohio, used our organic flea spray for petsto kill fleas on his dog. The pests caused his dog to scratch "day and night," but Fido is now resting peacefully. Warren tried other pest control products in the past, but Flea & Tick Pets + Home was the "only product he used that killed fleas on contact." Warren told us that his dog "surely would thank [us], if he could talk." Even though his pooch can't talk, Warren knows "this is the only product he will purchase for his pets from now on."

Stop Your Pet's Pest Problem 

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