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Wondercide fresh dog deodorizer spray provides a natural, healing alternative to stringent perfumes that only mask smells. 

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Smelling this good should be a crime. Eliminate the culprit of all odors by healing skin issues like bacteria and fungus that cause bad smells. Your pet will be the toast of the park when it trots in smelling like lavender oil and success. Just hope the Pet Police doesn’t throw them in the dog house — “Freeze! You have the right to remain odor-free!”

ELIMINATE THE ROOT OF ODORS. Get to the real root of your pet’s funky odor and eliminate the bacteria and fungus causing bad smells instead of temporarily covering them up.  

SMELLING GOOD HAS NEVER BEEN SAFER. Unlike most dog perfumes that use irritating alcohol and artificial fragrances, Fresh contains only safe, 100% naturally-derived ingredients that work hard to moisturize and heal your pet’s skin.  

*SOOTHE AND RELIEVE SKIN. Heal skin issues with neem oil, a naturally antibacterial and antifungal ingredient that soothes skin irritations that may cause odor or itching.  

*Apply a test to all pets before a full application. 

INGREDIENTS. Distilled Water, Organic Oils of Neem, Lavender, Cedar and Lemongrass, and neutral emulsifier derived from plant materials.

THE GRACE OF LAVENDER. Therapeutic essential oils soothe, heal, moisturize and deodorize, curing the real root of your pet’s odor instead of just masking it. The neem oil in the formula attacks bacteria and fungus, while the lavender oil leaves your pet smelling great.

FOR BEST RESULTS. Shake the bottle well before use. Spray generously on your pet, avoiding eyes and mouth. Massage in gently, ensuring it reaches your the skin. Can also be sprayed on pet bedding or anywhere else your pet enjoys hanging out. Repeat daily or as needed between baths. Lemongrass oil naturally has a yellow tint and may temporarily discolor light fur. It will wash out. We recommend a test spray before full application.

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