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Wonder Week: Day 1

Question of the day: Wonder why mosquitoes make that annoying buzzing sound?

It’s called an acoustic fingerprint and there’s a beautiful reason for it – LOVE! The sound attracts the right mate. High-pitch buzzing in G notes comes from male mosquitoes, while females buzz in lower D notes. When the right pairing happens, they harmonize. XOXO Buzzing may mean they’re more interested in mating than biting you. Still, the mosquito is the deadliest bug on the planet, so stay protected out there.

Wonder Week: Day 2

Wonder which pollinator loves to dance?

The honeybee! Once back to the hive it wants to let friends know where to find food. If nectar or pollen is close by, the bee does a round dance and in circles. If the good stuff is farther away, it's time for the waggle dance to show the distance and direction of food. The longer the waggle, the father the food. Want to waggle? Sway from side to side for a distance then circle back around and repeat. Want to keep annoying bugs away when you're outside but keep the bees (and butterflies) safe? Today's deal of the day will help you do just that!

Wonder Week: Day 3

Wonder which bug is the world's deadliest?

The mosquito – and it also hold the title of the deadliest in the animal world, killing roughly a million people each year (malaria, dengue, Zika to name a few diseases) and causing big issues for pets too who can get heartworm from these buzzing biters. Other disease-spreading bugs include fleas (which cause things like anemia and tapeworm) and ticks too, infamous for causing lyme disease and babesiosis.Want to keep your Pack protected with plant-based solutions?

Wonder Week: Day 4

Ever wonder what ants and roaches love to eat?

Chomp! Chomp! Roaches love sweets, starches, greasy foods, and beer. We get it! But they'll eat just about anything including human toenails and eyebrows. Gross. Ants love sweet things most, like the honeydew excreted by aphids, but they've even been known to eat dead roaches. Still gross. If crumbs (especially from carbs/sugar) aren't wiped up, voilà, ants. Want to keep your Pack protected from these voracious eaters and drinkers? Say no more.

Wonder Week: Day 5

Ever wonder about the depth of our ocean trash problem? It's reeeaally deep.

In fact, plastic bags have been found in the deepest point in our oceans, 36,000 feet down at the bottom of the Mariana Trench! Plastic bags kill over 1 million sea birds and 100,000 marine animals each year. So it makes sense to stop using them. In honor of nature and International Plastic Bag Free Day, get a free reusable tote bag that commemorates commitment to wonder, doing better, and Fierce Love® – not only for the planet but for Packs of every kind, everywhere.

The FREE CANVAS TOTE comes with every purchase of our Yard Spray Refill Starter Kit that helps reduce single-use plastic too. Way to go!

Wonder always. Love fiercely.

Curiosity and wonder guides us toward better things. Better knowledge, better respect, better ways to help each other too. Wonder led our founder to the truth about what was making her dog sick and it led to our products helping over a million Packs to date – and counting.

That’s just a small drop of what wonder can do. Wonder has given us the greatest discoveries and achievements our world has ever seen. It’s also led to some purely fun things that make summer so great. Like popsicles, pool noodles, and party lights, just to name a few.

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