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EVOLV™ | Tester : Natural Flea & Tick Control

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Powerful, non-toxic trial sized (1 oz) flea and tick spray for dogs & cats. Repels and kills fleas, ticks & mosquitoes on contact. Effective on all life cycle stages, this bio-based formula safely protects your pet without risk to adults or children.
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Natural Flea Spray

EVOLV is a non toxic solution that is an alternative to chemical spot-ons the neck of dogs and cats.  It's the natural flea and tick spray that kills on contact, with no harmful side effects to dogs, cats or children.




  • Replaces Chemical Spot-On Treatments (drops to the neck on dogs & cats)
  • Kills Fleas, Eggs and Larvae on contact
  • Prevent and Treat Infestations


  • Safe for Children and the Environment
  • 100% Biodegradable
  • EPA exempt, Minimum Risk Pesticide
  • Human Food Grade Ingredients
  • Natural and Organic Ingredients
  • Safe for Puppies, Kittens and Nursing Mothers

EVOLV natural and organic flea spray is completely safe for pets and the people that love them. This organic flea and tick spray is the newest bio-based technology in holistic flea control.

Kill Fleas and Ticks the Organic Way

According to leading entomologists, fleas and ticks in North America have grown immune to chemical pesticide treatments. The alternative is our natural spray that fights fleas, ticks and other insects. Take a natural approach to fighting parasites with EVOLV. Natrual and organic flea spray treatment, tick treatment, and insect repellent that works!

Remember, we specialize in the integration of a natural, holistic approach to pest controll. For outdoor pest control that drives insects away and kills parasites, choose EcoTreat from Wondercide for the lawn and garden. And for comprehensive coverage, let our flea and tick control kits simplify indoor-outdoor applications.

EVOLV Kills and Repels

  • Fleas
  • Ticks
  • Mites
  • Mosquitoes
  • Ants
  • Chiggers
  • Flies
  • No-see-ums
  • And more!

EVOLV Remedies

  • Dry Skin
  • Mange
  • Skin Allergies
  • Hot Spots


CEDAR: organic cedarwood oil (active), hydrated silica (inert)

LEMONGRASS: organic cedarwood oil (active), therapeutic grade lemongrass oil (active), hydrated silica (inert)

Evolv 4oz Cedar Label

Evolv 4oz Lemongrass Label

Evolv Information Sheet

How Does It Work?

Wondercide's chemical-free EVOLV kills insects on contact, while dissolving eggs and larvae for the elimination of the next flea life cycle. All insects breathe through their bodies, and they close their breathing pores when they detect the aroma of cedar. To insects, the aroma is like ammonia to humans. It causes a biological response that kills them with the proven power of nature and not toxic chemicals. EVOLV is the natural flea and tick spray for animals that is safe and very effective.




The Ultimate, Organic Pet Protection

For complete elimination of active insect populations, follow a comprehensive plan by spraying pets regularly with EVOLV, use Wondercide BioDefense inside and EcoTreat outside to end an infestation or practice prevention.

Establish a controlled environment through treatment, and mist your dog with EVOLV before walks. A 4-ounce bottle is great for small dogs and cats. The perfect size to keep in your bag or car for the park.  The 16 ounce bottle will last 1-2 meduim size dogs for 4-6 weeks. If the living environment has fleas or ticks, more frequent EVOLV applications will be required.

Easy Spray Application

EVOLV comes in a ready-to-use trigger sprayer that is safe for everyday use.

  1. Rub your hand in the opposite direction of the coat.
  2. Mist the hide.
  3. Cover the body, legs, tail, belly, and armpits.
  4. Dispense into hands to rub on animal's ears and face.
  5. Spray liberally once a week, depending on activity level and outdoor environment.

Safe for use on dogs and cats of all ages. Newborns, seniors and cats are more sensitive by nature, so we recommend testing a small area 24 hours before a full application to ensure there are no sensitivities to the aroma or product. 

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Customer Reviews

  •   Works great

    Besides using EVOLV on my cats, I mist it on my sofa, where my cats park themselves, in case they bring anything in from outside. I also spritz my legs with Wondercide before mowing my lawn to keep the chiggers off. Works great - only time I have a problem is when I forget to use it!

  •   They are so relieved.

    I just received and used EVOLV on my two small dogs and I am so thrilled with the results!! I was using BioSpot Flea Control and recently it began to burn my hands when it got on me. Our dogs began to scratch, itch, bite, chew and lick incessantly, and I thought it was more fleas so I sprayed more Biospot on them. I think now it was burning their skin and driving them crazy. One dog was pacing the floor and getting up all night, acting terribly uncomfortable. I also began to see red, irritated spots appear. I used EVOLV right way when it arrived today, and it was like a huge sigh of relief for them. They stopped scratching. chewing. licking and pacing, and they are quietly sleeping. They are so relieved. I feel so bad for having used the horrible insecticide on them for so long before finding your products. I LOVE it! Thank you, Adrianna D

  •   Flea and Tick Spray

    When nothing else worked, this did. I had a problem I thought I would never go away. Even other similar products did not work. Using a combination of products for the house, yard and pet finally worked. I love the Cedar scent. My house and dog smell great, and the cat is not repulsed by it, so I am confident Wondercide products are safe for the whole family. Won't do without it. Thanks Wondercide. Natural products really do work! Monica Loar

  •   Avoiding Pesticides

    I have always avoided the use of pesticides as I do not wish to fill my home with toxic chemicals. However I did hesitantly use a popular flea/tick treatment on my dogs, not knowing of any safe and reliable alternatives. I am so grateful to have learned about Wondercide and to finally have products I can use with the confidence of doing no harm. Not only do they work, but they smell great too!

  •   Evolv is the best!

    This stuff is the very best; I just received my second bottle of Evolv. There are a few other places out there that sell something that sounds identical...until you read completely about it and find out that THEY use just pure cedar oil (10%) with hydrated silica (90%). If any of you know about cedar oil, without proper natural processing, it is a poison to cats (and dogs I think, but I could be mistaken about canines). Wondercide does some kind of natural process to make sure that the phenols (I think that's the stuff that harms cats in cedar oil) do not exist in their products BUT the bug-killing (specifically fleas for my girls and me) naturally occurring ingredient still remains. It smells great, you can watch fleas on you or your animals die in less than 30 seconds, AND it repels a huge list of pesky bugs.

  •   Amazing

    We are pleased with the products we have purchased from your site. Evolv works well as an alternative to the topical, chemical treatments. I'm always recommending it to other dog owners!

  •   Lifelong Customer

    Our dog was diagnosed with bone cancer so we were looking for a healthy alternative to the toxic flea remedy's. Love the product and the results are amazing, thanks so much!

  •   Finally...Relief!

    I got your sampler Evolv and my dog slept all night for a change. Now I'm back to get the larger bottle. Can't wait to try the soap on her too!

  •   Very impressed. Believe it!

    First of all.. Wow! When I found this and read all of the good reviews I thought for sure I had to be a gimmick they must be paying people to write good reviews. But I thought why not I'll by a few testers and just see how it goes. I got it in today and am so impressed by the results! I have a longhaired German shepherd and It is very hard to find the fleas so I sprayed her back and her neck then she started biting at her belly, I flipped her over and Bingo! Several fleas I sprayed the wondercide and they died in about 3 second. No kidding what so ever! So happy and will be buying the bigger bottle. Thanks wondercide Harley feels so much better. :)

  •   Excellent results

    The ship time was excellent and best price online for what I bought... the Lemon Grass Evolv flea n tick control. It seems to repel black flies n mosquitoes and have found two small dead ticks (two dogs) since purchase a couple weeks ago. I call that good for living in the woods of Maine! We do not have any flea probs so? I would have given it a 5 star rating but the smell was not as pleasant as I had hoped for... I wouldn't say bad but. I spray it on my dogs just outside the main door above a choir mat hoping that helps keep the flying pests outside too...

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