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EVOLV™ | 16 oz
Natural Flea & Tick Control
Natural Dog | Skin Care Kit
EVOLV™ | 16 oz : Natural Flea & Tick Control
Our price: $24.99
Market price: $29.99 save 17%
Natural Dog | Skin Care Kit
Our price: $42.99
Market price: $64.99 save 34%

Natural flea & tick control for dogs and cats. It's a powerful repellent too! Kills fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, & the life cycle. Leaves coat shiny and beautiful, naturally.   Learn more...

All in one kit for natural dog skin care! Contains natural flea & tick spray, itchy skin relief, and natural soap bar with amazing lather Learn more...

Quick Treat Kit
EcoTreat + Evolv
BioDefense® | 32 oz
Indoor Pest Control
Quick Treat Kit : EcoTreat + Evolv
Our price: $59.99
Market price: $79.98 save 25%
BioDefense® | 32 oz : Indoor Pest Control
Our price: $39.99
Market price: $42.99 save 7%

Quickly treat your outdoor area and pet for fleas and ticks with this effective, non toxic combo! Learn more...

Kills roaches, bed bugs, ants, silverfish, fleas, ticks, dust mites, lice & more. Safe for humans and animals. Safe for furniture, flooring & kitchen. Kills on contact and repels. Learn more...

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Powerful, Natural Pest Control

No one likes living with pests. However, most common pest control products and flea & tick spot on products contain toxic chemicals that are harmful to your family. Fortunately, Wondercide is here to help. We offer a full line of affordable, all-natural pesticides for your home, office, lawn and garden, in addition to personal and pet health care products---all without the harmful chemicals used in traditional sprays, powders and shampoos. Our natural pest control products will deliver the relief you need from common household pests such as fleas, ticks, ants, roaches, spiders and hundreds of other insects that can invade the places where your family lives, works, and plays. Not only are our products safe and effective, they're eco-friendly too! Take the first step toward a lifestyle of holistic health with organic pest control from Wondercide.

If you're committed to a healthy, pest-free environment for your children, pets and loved ones, we can provide it.  With Wondercide, you can purchase a wide range of innovative products from one trusted source. From organic fertilizer and bug repellents to natural lice treatments and soap bars, you'll find something for all of your home and garden care needs too. We even offer a full line of natural pet supplies! At Wondercide, we TREAT NATURE WITH NATURE™.

Harmful Pesticides, Cause for Concern

Welcome to Wondercide Natural Solutions For Pet, People & Property

Concern is on the rise about the health problems associated with exposure to pesticides, fertilizers and other traditional pest control products. Chemicals and pesticides have been linked to health conditions such as ADD/ADHD, cancer, autism and Alzheimer's disease, while spot-on flea controls are being connected to pet illnesses and even death. Not only are these products believed to cause harm to women, children and pets, but they are destructive to our environment as well. You deserve a safer, superior alternative. Protect your family and pets with Wondercide natural flea and tick spray and organic pest control products for your property. Give them the gift of holistic health.

Alternatives to Pesticides

The benefits of using Wondercide pesticides are numerous. Our revolutionary, natural pest control products contain a blend of cedarwood oil and therapeutic grade essential oils, making them a healthier option for you and your family. Plus, independent lab tests have proven that our products are safer and sometimes even more effective than chemical pesticides. You'll save both time and money by avoiding chemical pesticides, hired pest control services and expensive visits to the vet. Keep your home and family pest-free the right way---with Wondercide!