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Holistic Solutions for Natural Pet Care

Wondercide Natural Products is a market leader in innovative, holistic solutions for natural pet care. Our natural products protect and care for pets and their families where  they live, learn, work, and play. We use only the highest quality, human-grade, sustainable, and USA-sourced ingredients, and handcraft products in a low-impact manufacturing environment in Austin, TX. Wondercide uses recyclable packaging, and the company VTO (volunteer time off) program allows employees to spend 1% of their annual work hours supporting local charities. The complete line of Wondercide natural products for pets includes flea and tick control, skin care, ear care, shampoo bars, wellness supplements, treats, and hip + joint support.


Steph and Luna

From our CEO, Stephanie Boone:

I founded Wondercide after my dog Luna suffered devastating side effects from vet-prescribed flea & tick treatment. At age 10, Luna developed pesticide poisoning, with symptoms ranging from seizures and chronic skin issues to liver and kidney failure.

Several vets recommended that I put Luna down. They reasoned that she was an older dog, had lived a good life, and nothing could be done to improve her health, so “it was time.” This “solution” was simply not an option for me.  

I nursed Luna back to health and began researching pesticide formulations, the harmful impact of traditional pesticides on human and animal health, regulatory laws, and federal environmental policies. The shocking truths I discovered lit a fire in me so intense that I left my career and founded Wondercide. Today, our full line of natural products protects families around the world without the use of harsh chemicals. We’re proud to offer solutions that are truly safe & effective. While our beloved Luna passed on at the age of 16 in the spring of 2015 after a long and beautiful life, her legacy lives on in the work that we do every day in her honor.

Steph Luna Signature 


According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), 80% of our pesticide exposure happens at home (and we're not talking about your food!). Wondercide replaces the products used on families, pets and the home that typically contain these dangerous chemicals. Pesticide exposure is linked to childhood cancers, chronic allergies, developmental diseases, and poisonings. We simply can’t ignore the data any longer:

  • Pesticides
    Measurable levels of up to a dozen pesticides have been found in the air inside people’s homes.
    – The EPA
  • US Households.png
    75% of US households use chemical pesticides at home.
    – The EPA
  • Lawns
    Homeowners use up to 10x more pesticides per acre on their lawns than farmers use on their crops.
    – US Fish & Wildlife Service

Wondercide develops super safe & curiously effective natural products for people, pets & property, from DEET-free insect repellent & soothing Skin Tonic to natural flea spray, soaps & shampoos, to natural home pest control and more. Our products offer all of the benefits you expect from your favorite products without any of the risks that come with many mainstream brands.

We’re committed to your family’s health & well-being, and that’s reflected in everything we do here at Wondercide.


Natural Ingredients

We believe in proven natural ingredients that were the standard well before toxic chemicals came on the scene. We treat nature with nature.


No toxic chemicals

You have our word – no toxic chemicals. Ever. We’ll never use artificial colors or fragrances, pyrethrins or synthetic pesticides.

Made in Austin

We know the value of sourcing and manufacturing in the USA. That’s why all of our products are made with love in Austin, Texas.


Effective Solutions

We understand that natural products have to be effective to make a difference. Our products are made with premium, natural and organic ingredients that are just as effective as their toxic counterparts, if not more so.


Customer Love

Our customers are why we do what we do every day. Together, we’re ridding the world of unnecessary toxic chemicals – one family at a time.



Giving back is at the core of who we are at Wondercide. From donating product to animal shelters to participating in Giving Tuesday, we're always working to increase our level of service to our community. To that end, through our PAWSitive Impact program, full-time Wondercide employees receive 24 hours and part-time Wondercide employees receive 12 hours of paid Volunteer Time Off (VTO) each year to participate in outreach and provide community service during regularly scheduled business hours. We're humbled and inspired by the passion of our team and the PAWSitive Impact they are having in our community.

Some recent giving efforts from our team:
    • Donated over 650-oz of solution (flea and tick spray and ear wash)and 40 pet shampoo bars to Austin Dog Alliance's Hounds for Heroes program in honor of Memorial Day
    • Assembled 1,000 Water Safety Kits for Colin’s Hope
    • Made team video to raise awareness for Lyme Disease
    • Wrote letters to veterans and active duty military members and made monetary donation to Operation Gratitude
    • Individual contributions to Red Cross for the Austin Floods were matched by Wondercide
    • Hand-made toys for cats with ringworm at Austin Humane Society
    • Wrote thank you cards to the fire department, animal shelters, and recovery sites for those affected by Bastrop County Fires
    • Made holiday cards to give to patients at Dell Children’s Hospital
    • Supported various shelter/rescue groups around Austin by promoting available dogs on our blog in honor of National Adopt-A-Dog Month
    • Made monetary donation to Mobile Loaves and Fishes in honor of #GivingTuesday
    • Adopted a bee hive to support a local business that lost hives during Austin flooding
    • Volunteered at Austin Pets Alive! in honor of Lowe’s Home Improvement Heroes Day
    • We'd love to help YOUR non-profit next! Drop us a line at hello@wondercide.com if our team can be of service to you


Wondercide is a WONDERful place to work! Here are some great perks of working at Wondercide:
Bring Your Dog to Work

This is a big plus, especially in Austin, where practically everybody is a pet parent! Working at Wondercide, you’re allowed to bring your dog to work – and even when you don’t, there are plenty of office pups to love on. Pets in the workplace have been shown to increase morale and even productivity. Who knew that a 5-minute puppy petting session could get your mind refocused to do better work throughout the day? (We did!)


VTOGiving back is part of who we are at Wondercide. Wondercide participates in company-wide fundraisers such as Giving Tuesday, and we work hard to be a supportive and charitable member of our community as a whole. But individually, when you spend most of your day at the office, you may have difficulty finding enough free time to volunteer out in the community and support causes that matter to you. Luckily, Wondercide also offers full-time employees 24 hours of Volunteer Time Off per year (and 12 hours for part-time employees), during which employees can do anything from walking dogs at the local animal shelters to serving food to the homeless, and more. So not only are we making a difference in our daily work by helping people replace dangerous chemical products with safe natural solutions, we get to volunteer at our favorite nonprofits, too!  As a team, we participate in volunteer work on some Friday mornings as well, with projects like making toys for Austin Humane Society‘s cats & kittens and preparing marketing collateral for Colin’s Hope.


Fun Fun Fun FridayEvery other Friday, the Wondercide team gets together in the morning for a team-building activity and takes a little time to catch up on how everybody’s week has gone. Whether we’re taking an outing to Peter Pan Mini Golf, competing for prizes in a rousing game of trivia, or racing through winter reindeer games, we’re always having a great time on FUN FUN FUN Friday.


Wondercide employees enjoy an exclusive discount on our favorite natural products, so our pets and families reap the benefits of safer flea & tick control, awesome organic soaps and pet shampoos, skin care, and super supplements straight from nature. Plus, our team takes shots of DETOX bentonite clay every morning to boost our immunity and, of course, to get in some time with our amazing coworkers.


La CroixAside from the healthy dirt the team shares every day, we also have more mainstream snacks to share like dark chocolate pumpkin seeds, clementines, and cheese! Plus, we’ve got an impressive supply of La Croix naturally flavored fizzy water for all your hydration needs.


Thankful ThursdayEvery Thursday, the team gathers with their shots of DETOX bentonite clay and shares something they are thankful for, whether it's a coworker, a family member, or a sunny day in Austin. Many times, it's a chance for team members to call out their coworkers for being awesome, and it's just one way that Wondercide helps to foster a culture of gratitude.


We don’t expect everyone to know what they want to do every day for the rest of their lives the second they walk in the door. At Wondercide, we invest in smart people who are zealous about our cause – eliminating the unnecessary use of pesticides, and we understand that people grow and change. While many of us stick with the department that hired us in the first place, some of us have been known to start in production and make our way onto the accounting team or shift from customer service to account management. In a small company like Wondercide, you can take on more responsibility to propel your career in the direction that best suits your skills and passions.


Since Wondercide is a small company, there’s no red tape or bureaucracy getting in the way of innovation and great ideas. If you think of a smarter way to do something or have a vision for a particular project, there’s a good chance that you’ll be able to see it through, and you’ll always feel heard. It’s the kind of place where you feel comfortable talking to your boss about any issues you may have, and everyone knows everybody who works here.

    One of the coolest parts about working at Wondercide is our mission! Every day, we’re helping people replace dangerous products with safe ones for their pets, their families, and their homes or businesses. Most people don’t realize that conventional flea & tick products, home pest control, and yard & garden pest control are made with toxic pesticides that put their families at risk. It’s super rewarding to educate people about safer alternatives to everyday products and to see their reactions when they realize how simple it is to use safe & effective natural products instead of harsh chemicals in their daily lives. No matter what your position at Wondercide, you’re a part of making the world a safer place…and that feels great!

Feel like you’d be great for Wondercide & vice-versa? Check out our careers page to see if we’re hiring for a role that fits the bill! 


Wondercide is dedicated to promoting health & sustainability among its employees and around the world. Our product line is formulated specifically to be truly safe for both our families and Mother Nature, and our office & company culture also encourage healthy living and eco-friendly business practices.

  • Recyclable Materials
  • Cruelty Free

  • Green America