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2015 Holiday Gift Guide

file.gif This year, our Holiday Gift Guide is getting personal. We've collected our team's favorite natural products perfect for stocking stuffers or sharing with your favorite friends, family, and fur babies See what our team members picked:

Laura,CMO, picks Skin Tonic Spray

Laura, CMOSkin Tonic SprayWe go through this stuff like hotcakes at my house.I'm lucky to have 5 kids and 2 dogs, and Wondercide's all-purpose Skin Tonic Spray saves us from boo-boos and scratchy dogs every day. The kids even ask for it specifically, and you know kids only want things that don't hurt and DO work!

Jill, Retail Account Manager, picks Oatmeal & Honey Pet Shampoo Bar

Jill, Retail Account ManagerOatmeal & Honey Shampoo BarMy fiance and I use the Oatmeal & Honey natural shampoo bar for my dog Link's skin allergies. I love that it's made with natural ingredients and it moisturizes his skin so much better than liquid washes I'd used in the past. It also has an awesome lather and lasts forever.

Abby, Content + Design Strategist, picksDETOX Ultra-Pure Bentonite Clay

Abby, Content + Design StrategistDETOXMy favorite way to use DETOX Ultra-Pure Bentonite Clay is after my dog Kiley's bath twice a week. She has environmental allergies and sometimes scratches her skin till it's red. I put a capful of DETOX on her skin before bed, and by the time we wake up, her skin is back to normal. It's pretty magical, I think.

Meredith, PAWSitive Experience Team Lead, picksFidoplex Joint Supplement

Meredith, PAWSitive Experience Team LeadFidoplexWondercide's Fidoplex is seriously one of my favorite things about working here. Every time I hear a story about a pet who could barely get around from old age and arthritis doing a total 180 and acting like a puppy after a week of Fidoplex, my day is totally made. I wish everyone with a senior cat or dog knew how great this was!

Stephanie, CEO, picks the Try Everything Sample Pack

Stephanie, CEOTry Everything Sample PackMy favorite gift from Wondercide is the Try Everything Sample Pack. I used all of Wondercide's products on my dog Luna to keep her healthy well into her teen years, so I love when people get to try out the full line of natural products. The Try Everything Sample Pack offers a little bit of everything we've got, all in these adorable 1 oz sample sizes!

MB, PAWSitive Experience Team Member, picksRosemary Natural Insect Repellent

MB, PAWSitive Experience Team MemberRosemary Insect RepellentThe Rosemary Insect Repellent from Wondercide makes a great stocking-stuffer. I really love the new scent because it's refreshing and very different from the Cedar and Cedar + Lemongrass scents we've been used to at Wondercide. It's very unique. I think Rosemary smells really autumnal and is reminiscent of some delicious winter meals I've had, so I love using it. The natural formula really keeps bugs away and I don't have to worry about the danger of DEET or that gross chemical smell conventional bug spray has.

Wade, Senior Business Financial Analyst, picks Renovate Soap Bar

Wade, Senior Business Financial AnalystRenovate Natural SoapRenovate would make a great bath & body gift for anyone prone to dry skin, which is basically everyone in the winter! You can use it in the bath or shower for a great natural exfoliation without those dangerous microbeads found in a lot of conventional scrubs, and it can even help with skin issues like keratosis pilaris.

Allie, Book Keeper, picks Skin Tonic Oil

Allie, Book KeeperSkin Tonic OilEveryone is all about Wondercide's Skin Tonic Spray, which is obviously great, but when you or your pup has a scrape or hotspot, this is where it's at. The Skin Tonic Oil is super-concentrated, so you only need a tiny bit to fix up whatever issue you're dealing with. It lasts forever and it works like a charm.

Aaron, Operations Consultant, picks 4oz Lemongrass Flea & Tick Pets + Home

Aaron, Operations ConsultantFlea & Tick Pets + HomeA very specific suggestion – I know. But lemongrass is my favorite scent, and I like how convenient and portable the 4 oz size is. This is what I use on my own pets. Since it's the holiday season, I also think it would make a great gift for pet-lovers. Feel free to send one my way if you can't think of what to get me!

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